Banking & Finance

In the increasingly fast-paced financial industry, companies need to constantly evaluate the market and expand their offerings. There’s immense pressure to improve profitability and customer experience while adapting to the disruption caused by Financial Technology (FinTech) companies. Netscribes helps you overcome these pressures by tracking the trends in the financial services industry, identifying investment opportunities, and providing market and competitive intelligence on a continual basis. We work with some of the world’s leading financial institutions, including banks, insurance firms, private equity, and venture capital firms to support their strategic planning and marketing needs.

Business roles we support

Market Research and Analysis

Marketing Research

Get accurate data, information, and analysis for all your insight requirements. Gain reliable data and information on the current and forecasted market, competitive landscape, start-up activity, investment trends, and more based on primary and desk research and social media listening.

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Get reliable market, competitive, and technological insights for guiding the strategic direction of your company and adapting to the changing needs of the market.

Marketing and Communications

Marketing Communications

Effectively communicate your offerings across customers and the company with our research, data and creative expertise. We support organizations’ goal to know and connect with their audiences more often and more effectively using a customer-centric and integrated approach to marketing communications.

Customer Service

Customer Service

We monitor social media platforms for customer feedback to help you respond to customer queries quickly, manage crisis situations, and protect your brand reputation online.


Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Get an in-depth understanding of the present market conditions and technology landscape on an on-going basis to inform better business decisions

Investment Research

Investment Research

Keep track of the latest market-moving information, including company news, press releases, financials, M&A, customer reviews, and social signals

Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence

Comprehensive analysis of key decision makers within target companies to improve sales performance and resource utilization

Thought Leadership

Marketing Communications

Development of finance articles and planning and execution of promotional campaigns

Real Time Intelligence

Real-Time Intelligence

Get access to industry reports & market data in real-time with our Onsense platform

What you get

  • The most rigorous, fact-based analysis to support key business decisions and corporate strategy planning
  • In-depth insights into market attractiveness, opportunities, and emerging trends
  • The most comprehensive market data related to public and private companies, M&A activity, company financials, and more
  • Identify key investment opportunities with our timely, relevant market information and industry trends
  • Know and respond to what customers are talking about your brand on social media platforms

Our approach

We provide independent market and competitive intelligence services that utilize a variety of sources including primary and secondary research, social media, and proprietary non-public sources of information. Our diverse range of investment market research services cover a broad range of industries but not limited to Technology CPG, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & Automotive. Clients trust us for our:

superior-research Superior research and process expertise

data-quality Data quality and accuracy

track-record Proven track record of working with global banks, NBFCs, and brokerage firms

skilled-research Skilled researchers with over 15 years of experience

effective-policiesStrict compliance with data privacy regulations

robust Robust IT infrastructure

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