Competitive Intelligence

Spot early warning signs, identify risks and opportunities for improvement based on a comprehensive analysis of your competitive environment. Strategic and competitive intelligence professionals rely on Netscribes for the most exhaustive and accurate competitive information and analysis, based on the knowledge drawn from primary and desk research, social media monitoring, and IP research.

Our competitive intelligence solution covers

Competitive landscape analysis

Competitive Landscape Analysis

  • Market overview
  • Competitive tracking and profiling
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Market share analysis
  • Brand health analysis
Technology Intelligence

Competitive Technology Analysis

  • IP analysis
  • Patent portfolio benchmarking
  • Competitor technology development and investments
business overview

Competitor Business Assessment

  • Business model analysis
  • Business segments
  • Products/ Services/ Capabilities
  • Geographic presence
  • Competitors
  • Financial and strategy analysis
marketing and branding

Marketing and Branding Research

  • Key marketing and branding activities, including advertising, TV and digital commercials, marketing collaterals etc.
  • Events
  • Social media and online marketing
  • Competitor website/SEO analysis and benchmarking

We bring together all the insights you need using multiple research methods

Netscribes combines primary and secondary research, social media listening, and IP research to provide clear, actionable insights.

primary research

Primary Research

Use of quantitative or qualitative methods to understand consumer preferences and market competition

secondary research

Secondary Research

High-level competitive analysis based on secondary sources of information, including business databases, websites, news articles, press releases, and more


IP Research

Patent analysis using automated tools and global databases to understand your competitors’ R&D and growth strategies

social media analytics

Social Media Listening

Analysis of competitor social media activity to assess and benchmark online marketing strategies


  • View the competitive landscape as a whole through the integration of information from multiple sources
  • Operate more rapidly and in a concrete manner with accurate competitive information
  • Devise effective competitive strategies based on deep insights into your competition’s strengths and weakness
  • Determine your competitive strengths and the areas for improvement
  • Get ideas for new developments, approaches, and practices
  • Stay better prepared for the changes occurring in your industry
Why clients choose Netscribes?

Netscribes competitive intelligence (CI) helps companies stay agile and create differential go-forward strategies through in-depth competitor research and analysis. Our ability to analyze vast volumes of information from multiple sources at high speed and with high flexibility helps clients gain an integrated assessment of their competition. Most firms end their competitive intelligence studies once they have gathered relevant data and information. Netscribes takes competitive intelligence a notch higher by translating insights into business implications to help clients exploit the opportunities that exist and achieve better outcomes.

Gain a sustainable strategic advantage with in-depth, sophisticated knowledge about your competition

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