Competitive Intelligence

We understand that being constantly aware of your competitors is crucial for capitalizing on current and future market opportunities. That’s why we provide exhaustive competitive intelligence, both descriptive and prescriptive, to help companies stay agile and avoid industry surprises.

Using our in-house primary and desk research, IP analysis and social media analytics expertise, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of your competition and uncover their underlying strengths and weaknesses, helping you predict their moves better and build timely counter strategies.

Our competitive intelligence solution covers

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Landscape

  • Market overview
  • Direct and indirect competitors
  • Market share analysis


financial analysis

Financial Analysis

  • Annual and quarterly results
  • Revenue and growth
  • Operating profit and growth
  • Net profit and growth
  • Financial health evaluation
  • Performance comparison versus peers


Marketing Strategy

Business Strategy

  • M&A activity
  • Partnerships, alliances, and joint ventures
  • Geographic expansion
  • Product launches
  • Restructuring
  • Unique selling point (USP)


Growth Initiatives

Growth Initiatives

  • Growth strategies
  • Innovation and R&D
  • Strategic plans, initiatives, and investments
  • Awards
  • Partnership/Channel Partner models


Technology Intelligence

Technology Analysis

  • IP competitive analysis
  • Patent portfolio benchmarking
  • Competitor technology development and investments


business overview

Business Overview

  • Business model
  • Business segments
  • Products/ Services/ Capabilities
  • Geographic presence
  • Competitors


marketing and branding

Marketing and Branding

  • Key marketing and branding activities, including advertising, TV and digital commercials, marketing collaterals etc.
  • Events
  • Social media and online marketing
  • Website analysis


Our multipronged approach

Netscribes uses a combination of primary and secondary research, social media, and patent analytics to gather competitive information and insights.

primary research

Primary Research

First-hand information about your competitors by way of online and in-person interviews and surveys

secondary research

Secondary Research

Review of secondary sources of information, including premium and public databases, websites, news articles, press releases, and more


IP Research

Analysis of patents using automated tools and global databases for IP competitive intelligence, sector analysis, and technology assessment

social media analytics

Social Media Analytics

Monitoring and analysis of marketing campaigns and consumer feedback across social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and more


  • View the competitive landscape as a whole through the integration of information from multiple sources
  • Operate more rapidly and in a concrete manner with speedy and flexible competitive analysis
  • Devise more impactful strategies based on a thorough understanding of the competition’s current and future plans
  • Determine your competitive strengths and the areas for improvement
  • Get ideas for new developments, approaches, and practices
  • Stay better prepared for the changes occurring in your industry
Why clients choose Netscribes?

Having executed hundreds of competitive intelligence projects across markets and technologies, Netscribes understands the challenges organizations face in gathering actionable CI. Our strong market research capabilities and ability to analyze vast volumes of available information from different sources at high speed and with high flexibility helps clients gain sophisticated competitive intelligence that other firms can rarely match.

Many firms end their competitor intelligence studies once they’ve identified what their competitors are up to or what their strengths are. At Netscribes, we consider a competitor analysis to be complete only when it offers context and ties in with your organizational goals. As a result, clients benefit from the ability to make informed, timely decisions and drive enhanced outcomes.

Gain a sustainable strategic advantage with in-depth, sophisticated knowledge about your competition

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