Competitive Intelligence

Understanding the competitive environment is an indispensable part of market intelligence. Real competitive insights, backed by accurate, current and complete information, can help companies outmaneuver and outperform the competition. We understand that just gathering competitive information cannot guarantee good decisions. That’s why Netscribes’ competitive intelligence solution looks beyond just monitoring the competitive landscape, to derive implications and highlight the opportunities or threats it presents.

Our ability to synthesize market, customer, supplier, technological and other key competitive data helps provide an overall view of the competitive landscape. Use these insights to understand your competitors’ strategic direction, anticipate future developments, and compete successfully.

How we help


CI for strategic management

  • Competitor tracking / monitoring / profiling
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Product and pricing information
  • Market share analysis
  • Four corner analysis
  • Brand health tracking
  • Business strategy analysis
Competitive intelligence for innovation

CI for innovation

  • IP analysis
  • Patent portfolio benchmarking
  • Technology assessment
  • Technology investments
Competitive intelligence for business develoment

CI for business development

  • SWOT analysis
  • Customer and competitor profiling
  • Competitive battle cards
Competitive intelligence for marketing

CI for marketing

  • Messaging and positioning changes
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Media monitoring
  • Website benchmarking
  • SEO / keyword analysis

Flexible delivery modes



digital dashboard

Digital dashboards

power point





  • View the competitive landscape as a whole through a combination of primary, secondary, social media, and IP research
  • Custom research solutions designed to meet your specific requirements
  • Detailed benchmarking of competitor offerings
  • Develop razor-sharp strategies through an in-depth understanding of your competitors’ tactical and long-term growth plans
  • Stay well prepared for the changes occurring in your industry
Why clients choose Netscribes

Netscribes’ helps companies stay agile and create differential go-forward strategies through in-depth competitive data analysis. Our ability to analyze vast volumes of primary and secondary information at high speed and with flexibility, helps clients gain a holistic assessment of their competition and act faster than their peers. Most firms end their competitive intelligence studies once they have gathered the latest news about competitors. We transform competitive data into actionable intelligence by providing answers to the ‘why’ and ‘so what’ to guide your action plans better.

Gain a sustainable strategic advantage with in-depth, sophisticated knowledge about your competition

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