Competitive Intelligence

Netscribes provides continuous market and competitive intelligence to support various teams within organizations, such as sales and marketing, product development, and strategic partnerships.

Whether you need to identify business gaps, threats, whitespaces, and opportunities for differentiation, or simply keep tabs on the competition, Netscribes is the partner you are looking for. Our ability to synthesize information using primary and secondary research, social media analytics, as well as patent and scientific literature research makes us a trusted choice for well-rounded market and competitive intelligence.

We also provide technical competitive intelligence for companies that need to identify the direction of technology developments and determine which technologies are important for improving their competitive position.

The need for competitive intelligence

Businesses need to watch out for direct as well as indirect competitors at different stages of the business life cycle to stay ahead of the curve. We work with clients at each stage to provide the intelligence required to sustain long-term profitability


Netscribes competitive intelligence in action


Understand the competitive landscape

Understand the nature of the competitive environment, including:

  • Players in the market (local and global)
  • Capabilities and portfolio of their offerings
  • Customer segments
  • Pricing models
  • Market share
  • Competitive positioning and benchmarking
  • Competitor strengths and weaknesses




Competitor marketing and advertising analysis

Get a closer look at how the competition promotes their products based on competitive  information, such as:

  • Advertised attributes of the offerings
  • Key messaging
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Ad analysis
  • Website analysis




Competitor strategy analysis

Identify the underlying factors shaping competitor strategies

  • Competitor products in new and existing markets
  • Target customer segments and characteristics
  • Expansion plans
  • Technology investments
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Distribution network
  • Key enabling strategies




Identify implications and opportunities

Inform decisions based on the competitive intelligence gathered by understanding the implications of competitive activities and identifying opportunities to leverage whitespaces.


Why Netscribes?

We understand that gathering intelligence from countless sources of information can be extremely challenging and time-consuming. Having worked with some of the world’s largest corporations in various domains, Netscribes has developed proprietary methodologies to provide relevant and actionable market and competitive intelligence. We have access to premium databases and a team of experienced researchers who know how to find comprehensive information and insights that are relevant to your business needs.

We do more than just collect information and conduct competitive analysis. We leverage competitive information to provide insight on what that information means for your business and highlight opportunities for growth and potential threats you should be aware of.

Uncover opportunities to strategically position your products and services

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