Primary Market Research

Netscribes understands that primary market research is invaluable for gaining business intelligence and making data-driven decisions.

With an in-house team of competent researchers and a global network of panel partners, Netscribes manages the end-to-end operations of primary market research projects – from survey design and sampling to data collection, analysis, and presentation. We do this by utilizing innovative qualitative and quantitative research approaches, technology tools, and global best practices. Furthermore, we integrate primary research with secondary research, social media analytics, and IP research to validate our research findings. As a result, clients benefit from high-quality insights, quick turnaround times, and reduced costs of research.

We provide flexible engagement models to address the unique needs of end clients as well as consulting firms.

Our Services


Business-to-Business (B2B) Research

Improve the efficacy of business decisions with our B2B primary market research services. We conduct B2B research on a global scale across industries, companies of varying sizes, and stakeholders, such as:

  • C-suite executives
  • IT professionals
  • SMEs
  • Vendors
  • Distributors
  • Decision makers




Consumer Research

Get detailed insights about your customers across channels, and identify their characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors with our consumer research expertise. Our ability to perform consumer research across multiple industry domains and hard-to-reach target groups (i.e. HNWIs, expats, students, etc.) help clients formulate strategies that align with consumer needs.



Our Research Methodologies

Netscribes conducts primary market research across target groups using both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.


Primary Quantitative Research

Computer-assisted-telihonic-interview Computer-assisted telephonic interviews (CATI)

web-or-online-survay Web/Online Surveys

Computer-assisted personal interviews Computer-assisted personal interviews (CAPI)

Computer-assisted web interviews Computer-assisted web interviews (CAWI)

Primary Qualitative Research

focus-groups Focus groups

face-to-face Face-to-Face Interviewing

mixed-mode-interview Mixed-Mode Interviewing

Netscribes Quality Assurance


We understand and respect your concerns about data integrity. That’s why we take special care to deliver authentic and reliable research. Our dedicated team of researchers moderate interviews and collect information in a manner consistent with international best practices. The information collected is put through multiple levels of quality checks, where it’s analyzed, cleansed and validated by secondary research to provide complete, verified, and unbiased data to clients.



  • End-to-end management and execution of the primary market research process – from survey design and programming to data analysis and reporting
  • Holistic approach that integrates primary research with secondary research, IP/patent research, and social media analytics
  • Flexible engagement models to meet unique research needs
  • Reduce the cost of conducting primary market research using your own resources
  • Gain deep insights into specific hard-to-reach target audiences worldwide with our multilingual interviewing capabilities and a trusted network of high-quality panel partners


Why Us?

Our ability to enhance primary research with secondary research, patent research, and social media analytics ensure that you get high-quality, well-rounded insights to support better decision-making. Through our extensive panel network and global reach, we can analyze hard-to-reach geographies and language groups. We have long-standing customers, including consulting firms, market research firms, and end-clients, who trust us for our:

Global-best-practicesGlobal best practices and high data quality standards,

Expertise-across-a-range-of-industry-domains Expertise across a range of industry domains, and

complex-primary-research Ability to carry out complex primary market research projects at a short turnaround time and at low costs.


Uncover deep insights through our robust primary research methodologies

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