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Worldwide e-commerce growth is on the rise, and it has put immense pressure on manufacturers and retailers to differentiate themselves and provide superior shopping experiences both online and in physical stores. Netscribes helps you navigate market challenges and accelerate your business growth through a host of marketing intelligence and product content solutions.

We provide global marketplaces, retailers, and brand manufacturers with strategic and tactical marketing support. Get a holistic view of the market and competitive landscape to inform product and pricing decisions. Our end-to-end e-commerce content solutions ensure your products stand out across major digital platforms.

We’ve worked with a number of clients in the retail sector across the globe, including large retail chains, e-commerce startups, and helped over 50,000 sellers optimize their digital presence to improve product discovery and conversions.

Business roles we support

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Get data-driven answers to support decisions around product assortment, pricing, messaging, placement, and promotions to protect your brand in a competitive environment.

E-Commerce Category Managers

E-Commerce / Category Managers

Increase TAT and accuracy of catalog operations through end-to-end management of product information. We take care of sourcing product data from reliable sources, ensuring compliance to category guidelines, and enriching product content for quality and consistency.

Brand Channel Managers

Brand / Channel Managers

We ensure that your products appear and are marketed consistently across all digital platforms, and monitor and report suspicious listings for IP infringement, minimum advertised price (MAP) violations, and counterfeiting to help maintain your brand value.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We offer marketing content support to help you create compelling digital experiences for your customers. We also plan and execute your social media marketing activities, including paid, display, and video ads.


Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Market, consumer, channel, and competitor insights to support your marketing and sales strategy

E-Commerce and content solution

E-Commerce Content Solutions

End-to-end product content and cataloging services to improve product discovery and conversion

Marketing Content and Social Media Support

Marketing Content and Social Media Support

Content marketing solutions to improve digital visibility, and engage and attract customers

IP Protection and Brand Surveillance

IP Protection & Brand Surveillance

Monitoring and reporting of unauthorized seller activity across e-commerce websites, marketplaces, and social media

What you get

  • Respond and adapt to the changing retail landscape with our continuous market intelligence based on a 360° view of markets, consumers, technologies, and competitors
  • A one-stop solution for your retail and e-commerce business planning and tactical needs
  • Award-winning e-commerce cataloging services for improved product discovery and conversion

Our approach

Netscribes takes a customer-centric approach to e-commerce cataloging and retail marketing strategy. We analyze user-generated content across social media and review sites to understand consumer sentiment and identify product attributes that matter most to your customers. Our teams use these insights to enrich product information, understand consumer trends and opportunities for growth, and develop effective marketing campaigns.

We deliver market and competitive intelligence using a combination of primary and secondary research and social media listening. Our analysis encompasses external factors based on our EICPT model i.e. economy, industry, company, product, and technology.


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