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Analyzing the TCO of marine engines through primary research

Analyzing the TCO of marine engines through primary research

A US-based global management consulting firm, involved in evaluating management decisions across public and private sectors, wanted to perform a TCO analysis of marine engines across the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia. This required gathering first-hand information from an extremely hard-to-reach target group of boat operators and engine OEM dealers and distributors.


Uncovering the obvious and hidden costs is a crucial factor in the TCO analysis of any product. However, doing so for marine engines required a thorough understanding of the product usage, including the maintenance and service issues, local policies, industry standards, and the average time between engine overhauls and the mid-life overhaul of the marine engines, among others. Download this case study to find out how Netscribes’ primary research services helped the client to get a precise estimate of the overall cost of owning marine engines across target markets.

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