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With changing consumer preferences and stiff competition from new market entrants in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, Netscribes helps you differentiate and build competitive advantage through timely market and competitive intelligence and consumer insights. Our services are focused on helping you gain business intelligence using a combination of social media analytics, primary and secondary research, and patent analysis. Global companies in the CPG industry, including luxury brands, personal care, and food and beverage companies, rely on Netscribes market intelligence services to identify trends, opportunities and challenges; optimize marketing initiatives, and make strategic decisions regarding market entry, partner selection, and product development.

How we help

brand management

Brand Management & Strategy

We provide ongoing insights into the current trends, customer needs and preferences, competitive strategies, and environmental and regulatory landscape to support timely strategic decisions. Understand the market size and growth; identify the key players, barriers to market entry, distribution models, competitive advantages/ disadvantages, and more for better planning and decision-making.

Product R&D

Product R&D

We help you address white-spaces in your offering and drive differentiation by identifying emerging trends and product and packaging innovations. We do this by leveraging our expertise in innovation scouting, trend analysis, and social media analytics.

marketing and communication

Marketing & Communications

Drive brand engagement and build closer relationships with relevant target audiences using our content and social media services. Our services include marketing content creation, SEO optimization, social listening, sentiment analysis, and social media campaign planning, execution and performance measurement.


strategy support

Strategy Support

Netscribes helps you assess new markets in terms of their opportunities and risks, and provides thought starters for making effective decisions around market entry and expansion. Our research and insights help you determine the key characteristics of target markets, drivers or inhibitors of growth, potential size of the market, and so on.

market-landscap-analysisMarket assessment

market-sizingMarket sizing

opportunity-assessmentOpportunity assessment

go-to-market-strategyGo-to-market strategy

partner-identificationPartner identification and selection

customer intelligence

Customer Intelligence

Netscribes research helps you understand consumers and shoppers in terms of their purchase decisions and consumption habits. We help you identify consumer needs, white-spaces in your offering, customer segments, purchase decision makers, latest trends, consumer preferences and attitudes, and potential customers.

consumer-landscapingConsumer landscape

customer-segmentationConsumer segmentation

new-customer-identificationNew-customer identification

customer-preferenceCustomer preference, attitude, and sentiment analysis

competitive intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

We provide insights related to competitor activities to help you stay ahead of them. Keep track of competitive activity, understand their strengths, how they tackle challenges in the changing environment, and what you can do better than the competition.

competitor-landscapeCompetitor landscape

competitor-profilingCompetitor profiling

competitor-benchmarkingCompetitor benchmarking

competitor-activity-monitoringCompetitor activity monitoring

tracking and monitoring

Tracking & Monitoring

To help you reduce the impact of external disruptions and minimize competitor’s strategic surprise, we track the market for technology disruption, competitive shifts, regulatory changes, environmental factors, consumer or social changes, economic conditions, and political influences. Our social listening and analytics capabilities help you understand customer sentiment, define specific purchase preferences, influencers, competition and consumers’ attitudes towards brands; and attract and engage consumers across social media platforms.

competitor-activity-monitoringCompetitor activity monitoring

crisis-monitoringCrisis monitoring

trends-trackingTrends tracking

market-trackingMarket tracking

What you get

  • Get a comprehensive and dynamic picture of the latest consumer trends with our real-time social media insights
  • Drive performance and differentiation with our in-depth, global coverage of the latest trends in product and packaging innovation
  • Build intimate relationships with consumers and drive brand engagement by integrating our social media analytics with your brand marketing strategy

Our Approach

Netscribes uses a unique combination of primary research expertise and traditional desk research along with IP/patent research and social media analytics, to provide timely insights and support customer-oriented strategies. Our analytical approach encompasses external factors based on our EICPT model, i.e., economy, industry, company, product, and technology. Netscribes offers multiple engagement models to meet the diverse needs of global clients and provides them with a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving business environment.

We specialize in the following categories within the CPG industry:

home care

Home Care

personal care

Personal Care

food and beverages

Food & Beverage

clothing footwear and accessories

Clothing, Footwear & Accessories

luxury products

Luxury Products





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