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Trend Analysis

Going cashless: Trends and analysis for financial services leaders

The pervasiveness of smartphones and internet connectivity are propelling cashless payments across the globe. As digital transactions replace cash, payment companies have become some of the most successful enterprises. To stay in st...

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Competitive benchmarking and demand trend analysis

Understanding your market: Competitive Benchmarking and Demand Trends

For global markets, understanding demand trends is pivotal for businesses aiming to expand their international footprint. Demand trend analysis not only unveils market dynamics but also equips organizations with the foresight needed...

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startup ecosystem analysis

Getting ahead of the game: Start-up ecosystem analysis

Given the rapid technological changes in the front-end circuitry for 5G applications, our client, a leading semiconductor firm wanted to analyze acoustic filter technologies. They sought to understand the technology’s performance ...

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protoype 3D

Prototype 3D printing market entry research and analysis

A leading manufacturer of printing and scanning solutions wanted to identify the business opportunities that existed in the prototype 3D printing market. The firm sought a clear understanding of the market potential and demand for t...

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Patent portfolio optimization-patent ranking

Maximizing your patent portfolio potential for multi-core processors

A robust patent portfolio is a major component in underpinning a firm’s current and future competitive position. As such, conducting a patent portfolio optimization exercise is critical to ensuring you have the most beneficial pat...

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Competitive Intelligence & Technology Assessment

Competitive Intelligence for the Global IT Infrastructure Market

Competition in the IT services marketplace is heating up, as new-age, non-traditional players compete with established incumbents. To retain a competitive edge, global IT firms need to be keenly aware of the competitive landscape. W...

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process optimization

Optimizing the seller listing onboarding process for a leading e-commerce platform

Most businesses have a website presence in 2023. More than a quarter of businesses conduct their activities online, and more than two fifths of small businesses are planning to invest in improving their website performance. These st...

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Product profitability analytics

Identifying products that contribute to customer growth and profitability

A US-based energy drink brand, with a large customer base in the eSports community, wanted to identify which product categories were best for acquiring new customers with long-term value. Having this information was key to allocatin...

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grocery supermarket

Analytics-led inventory planning helps grocery supermarket chain save USD 1.8 million annually

A leading grocery supermarket chain wanted to reduce its inventory wastage and sales opportunity loss – the two main outcomes of inaccurate demand forecasting. It sought accurate predictions to optimize the inventory of its highly...

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Discount optimization for a leading fast food restaurant chain

Discount optimization for a leading fast food restaurant chain

A global fast food chain was looking for ways to accelerate sales across various geographies. It used high-value discounts to attract more purchases, but knew it had to do this more prudently to increase profitability. What it requi...

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Determining ROI on influencer marketing

Measuring Influencer Marketing ROI with Social Media Intelligence

Influencer marketing takes a lion’s share of the branding budget of a leading American energy drink company. Eager to determine the value delivered by its influencers, the client was looking for a tangible way to substantiate thes...

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automotive semi-active suspension technologies

Market Intelligence on Automotive Semi-active Suspension Technologies

Given the rapid developments in automotive semi-active suspension technologies, one of the world’s leading OEMs sought to assess the market’s technology growth curve. From uncovering preferred segments to gaining a well-roun...

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Patent valuation analysis

Strengthening your Intellectual Property Portfolio through Patent Valuation Analysis

The R&D arm of an American manufacturer of medical equipment wanted to strengthen its intellectual property portfolio of microprocessors. In order to identify the patents that bestow maximum commercial advantage, it commissioned...

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Commercialization strategy

Creating a Commercialization Strategy for Thin-Film Battery Technology

Our client, a leading battery manufacturer, wanted to assess the potential commercialization routes and application areas for its new thin-film battery technology. However, it lacked insight into the market and competitive environme...

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Commercialization strategy for aptamer screening and drug discovery technology

  Our client, a renowned public research institute, wanted to explore the business opportunities presented by aptamer screening and drug-discovery technology. To gain data-driven insights and identify the most suitable commerci...

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