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Brand Health Tracking for Informed Marketing Strategy

A global corporate health insurance provider wanted to know how its brand measured up against its peers across 12 countries. As consumer expectations evolve constantly, the company wanted to track customer preferences towards produc...

netscribes intellectual property protection

Intellectual property protection for business success

Netscribes intellectual property protection services help a renowned outdoor gear brand reduce financial losses due to counterfeiting and unauthorized selling. Our client, an American outdoor gear and clothing brand, was faced with...

competitive analysis

Competitive analysis of online life insurance providers

In order to meet the demand for superior customer experience within the evolving insurance industry, our client – a US-based life and health insurance firm – wanted to gain competitive insights about online insurance providers. ...

Market testing

Market testing a medical device prototype

Market testing a medical device prototype to gain customer feedback before its launch.   Our client, a major medical device manufacturer, had recently developed an advanced diabetic retinopathy (DR) screening device for the C...

market expansion

Conducting a Market Expansion Study for Business Growth

Market expansion study helps major biopharma firm to expand its existing presence in the Turkish market.   Our client, a major producer and distributor of plasma-derived therapeutic products, wanted to identify the best route t...

Account Intelligence

Developing a Targeted Sales Strategy with Account Intelligence

One of the world’s largest IT equipment and services company, headquartered in Japan, wanted to evaluate potential clients in the Indian market. Knowing that every company is different, it wanted to gain a deeper understanding of ...

procurement behavior for medical equipment

Analyzing the procurement behavior for medical diagnostic equipment

A leading provider of medical devices wanted to assess the potential for their key hospital equipment and products in the Australian market. But to do so, it was important to understand the existing size and growth rate of the marke...


Adding Products at Scale through Optimized Catalog Management

The success of an e-commerce website depends heavily on the quality of the product catalog.  A well-managed product catalog, one with a wide range of products with detailed, well-represented information, attracts more customers and...

Quality audit to ensure product content accuracy

Quality audit to ensure product information accuracy

The client, one of India’s largest online marketplaces, had introduced a new workflow module that allowed sellers to share product-specific data with the client directly. The client would quality audit this information against s...

go-to-market strategy

Successful Launch through Market Entry Research

Planning a market entry can be daunting. It requires a deep understanding of the current market dynamics, including the competitive forces, barriers to entry, trade environment, and so on. Without these insights, navigating the bus...

Enriched Product Descriptions Increase Conversion Rates

Enhanced product content to increase conversion rates

A leading online marketplace was facing high product return rates and low conversions on certain high-value products listed by sellers. It had a basic listing service that allowed its sellers to list product information, which inclu...

technology intelligence

Technology assessment for an automotive systems manufacturing firm

Technology assessment case study – A renowned automatic transmission system manufacturing company that has over 113 production locations in 26 countries, wanted to understand the market dynamics ad patent landscape of autonomo...

Competitive Benchmarking

Competitive benchmarking to uncover market opportunities

One of the leading fruit-juice manufacturers in the world that sells fruit juice in over 100 countries was facing immense competition from local players in Africa. Adding to its woes was the fact that the consumption of juice in the...

Market Assessment

Identifying potential customers through Market Analysis

A global supplier of polyphenol extracts wanted to understand the need for its products in the dietary supplements market. To do so, the client’s sales team wanted to identify potential manufacturers and suppliers of nutritional s...

Improving SEO Performance

Improving SEO performance

A leading supplier of Medjoul dates, based in Israel, was struggling to expand its presence in India. Knowing that a majority of shoppers discover brands and make their purchase decisions online, it wanted to increase its online vis...


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