Quick delivery

Why quick is the next big thing in e-commerce [Infographic]

Convenience and value of time are two fundamental priorities that the pandemic has woven into the fabric of post-Covid customer behavior. The growing demand and willingness to pay for such privileges have formed the runway for the l...

Cashierless retail technologies

Transforming cashierless retail

As physical stores reopen, brick and mortars will move towards a digital-driven experience, aligned with the new normal of social distancing. For customers, this means reduced waiting time, an immersive billing experience, and real-...

chip shortage analysis

Assessing the impact of chip shortage on consumer electronics

In 2020, the global semiconductor market generated over USD 450 Bn revenue. About 60% of the growth was due to the strong demand for memory, GPUs, and 5G chipsets. However, following the COVID-19 pandemic, many factories shut their ...

Holiday season tips to win the top spot on the digital shelf

2021: Holiday season tips to win the top spot on the digital shelf

The battle is real. As the holidays inch closer, consumers grow increasingly accustomed to the joy of shopping online both from a safety and convenience standpoint. In the race to claim the maximum wallet share brands are doing all ...

E-commerce trends post-COVID-19

7 e-commerce trends shaping digital strategies post-COVID-19

The pandemic has transformed the average consumer: the way they think, work, and shop. 80% of US consumers are still changing the way they shop and 43% are frequently shopping online for stuff that they could buy in stores.   T...

Digital Commerce strategy

Effective Tips to Support your Digital Commerce Strategy in 2021

With more than half of all US purchases being digitally-inspired, implementing effective digital commerce practices has become imperative for long-term success. Retailers and brands need to step up their digital commerce strategies ...

US holiday shopping trends in 2020

Top 9 US holiday shopping trends in 2020 [Infographic]

While there’s no real telling how this holiday season will unfold, there are a few distinct signals that shed light on what could be expected. From 2020’s back-to-school performances to Amazon’s Prime Day being rescheduled, if...

Fulfilling consumer expectations

Fulfilling consumer expectations post-COVID-19 [Infographic]

As COVID-19 catapults the rules of consumer engagement, brand manufacturers will need to stay cognizant of the quickly evolving new normal. Understanding aspects like the current concerns and priorities of consumers, factors that in...

indian retail industry

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Indian Retail Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic struck India at a time when its economy was already suffering from muted growth due to sluggish demand in the domestic market. The immediate impact of the outbreak included sudden surges in demand for essential...


Ace your digital commerce strategy: A guide for brand manufacturers to win online

With global e-commerce expansion on the rise, brand manufacturers are placing a greater focus on digital to drive organic growth and increase sales. Having a digital sales presence has gone from being a “good-to-have” to a “mu...

What onlinegrocery shoppers want

What online grocery shoppers want: 2019 US consumer survey

Over half of grocery purchases are influenced by digital today. For brands and retailers to win in this space, it means gaining a clear understanding of the evolving needs and expectations of the digital grocery shopper. While conve...


Best Performing Makeup Brands on Instagram

To say that Instagram has changed the beauty industry would be an understatement. With a growing user-base that spends copious amounts of time scrolling through visuals, Instagram has become a pivotal channel for product discovery...

Artificial Intelligence in Retail

Artificial Intelligence in Retail: Patent Analysis

The retail industry has been disrupted by companies such as Amazon and Google, who are constantly raising the stakes through technology and innovation. In order to survive long term, it is crucial for retailers and brands to know an...


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