connected car service

Connected car service assessment of Chinese automakers in Europe

The connected car market is rapidly evolving, driven by consumers’ increasing demand for safer, more efficient, and personalized driving experiences. This surge in connected car services represents a significant pivot for auto...

Light commercial vehicles and telematics

Connected Light Commercial Vehicles and Telematics Service – India

The localization of the telematics service development value chain is gaining momentum, driven by a heightened demand for connected light commercial vehicle solutions. Cloud-based technology adoption is on the rise in the telematics...

Battery-as-as-Service (BaaS)

Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS): Empowering your drive

In a world where the roads are transforming, and electric vehicles are steering the way, challenges like high costs, range worries, and endless charging queues stand in the way of progress. But what if there was a solution that coul...

immersion cooling technology for EVs

The future of immersion cooling technology for EV batteries

As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, the demand for high-performance batteries is on the rise. To meet this demand, batteries need to provide higher voltage, greater energy density, and faster charging rates. However, t...

automotive contract manufacturing

Automotive contract manufacturing: The future of EV startups

As the world embraces electric vehicles, the automotive landscape is undergoing a monumental shift. To navigate this dynamic industry successfully, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve and seize every opportunity. This excl...

automotive dealership networks

Evolving automotive dealership networks: Embracing digitalization for service excellence

The automotive dealership landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, driven by the need to provide exceptional customer experiences. To stay ahead in this ever-evolving industry, it’s crucial to embrace digitalization and...


Immersion cooling technology for electric vehicle battery

As electric vehicles become more popular, there is a growing demand for batteries that can provide higher voltage, greater energy density, and faster charging rates. However, traditional cooling solutions may not be able to keep up ...

Vehicle EE Architecture

Redesigning vehicle EE architecture

As the automotive industry moves towards a more electric and autonomous future, the need for a robust and efficient vehicle EE electronic/electric architecture becomes increasingly important. The EEA is the backbone of a vehicleR...

Material evolution-automotive

Material evolution in the automotive industry

The global automotive industry is going through a period of impressive change driven by multiple factors. Digitalization, sustainability, climate change, rapid progress in engineering, science and manufacturing innovation, consumer ...

EV charging in China

China EV charging stations ecosystem

With the country currently possessing the world’s largest EV charging network, it comes as no surprise that China has the world’s largest EV market with 3.5 million unit sales in 2021. In 2021, installed slow chargers in Chi...

autonomous future

Sensor cleaning technology: A requisite for an autonomous future

As vehicles move towards advanced automation levels, the need for clean sensors will grow. The goal is to prepare the path for future mobility while also maintaining the safety of both passengers and vehicles. With the market for se...

Automotive metaverse

Automotive Metaverse: The next frontier

The total addressable Metaverse market stands at USD 30 trillion, with immense possibilities across several industries like e-commerce, entertainment, automotive, and tourism to name a few.   The Metaverse holds enormous promis...


Alternative fuel vehicles: Heavy trucks

Automotive industry players are proactively working towards mass-commercializing alternative fuel for passenger cars. What’s the aim? A substantial decline in CO2 emissions and an overall CO2 contribution of 2.4% by 2030. In addit...

automotive sensor cleaning

The state of automotive sensor cleaning technology

  Can autonomous vehicles (AV) prevent road accidents? Though a majority of accidents are caused by human error, AV systems are not 100% infallible yet. Having impaired automotive sensor perceptions could render active safety s...

electric vehicle platforms

Electric Vehicle Platforms: The gateway to scalability

Despite the effects of COVID-19, the sale of EVs has increased by more than 40%. Around 550 EV models will be available across the world by 2021, and most of them will be battery EVs. Assembly of battery technology, platform charact...


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