Banking and Insurance industry Outlook

Banking and insurance industry outlook in 2023

The global financial sector is expected to be worth USD 26.5 trillion in 2022, growing at a CAGR of 6%. To date, new business models and cutting-edge technologies have profoundly disrupted the banking and insurance industry. As cust...

Material evolution-automotive

Material evolution in the automotive industry

The global automotive industry is going through a period of impressive change driven by multiple factors. Digitalization, sustainability, climate change, rapid progress in engineering, science and manufacturing innovation, consumer ...

EV charging in China

China EV charging stations ecosystem

With the country currently possessing the world’s largest EV charging network, it comes as no surprise that China has the world’s largest EV market with 3.5 million unit sales in 2021. In 2021, installed slow chargers in Chi...

autonomous future

Sensor cleaning technology: A requisite for an autonomous future

As vehicles move towards advanced automation levels, the need for clean sensors will grow. The goal is to prepare the path for future mobility while also maintaining the safety of both passengers and vehicles. With the market for se...

B2B content marketing guide

A guide to B2B content marketing in 2023

Research shows that the most successful B2B marketers devote 40% of their marketing budget towards content marketing. Moreover, 66% of those marketers will increase their investment over the next 12 months.   Content marketing ...

private equity

Digitization of private equity and venture capital firms [INFOGRAPHIC]

Digitization has made its way through private equity and venture capital firms. There are two simple reasons for that: it offers a competitive advantage and promises a higher ROI by creating greater efficiencies across PE/VC operati...

Automotive metaverse

Automotive metaverse: The next frontier

The total addressable Metaverse market stands at USD 30 trillion, with immense possibilities across several industries like e-commerce, entertainment, automotive, and tourism to name a few.   The Metaverse holds enormous promis...

investment banking

Tailor-made workflow tool for investment banks

Rapidly evolving technology has led financial services companies to interact differently with consumers. The integration of robotic process automation (RPA), cognitive automation (CA), and artificial intelligence (AI) in services au...

Indian digital health market

The Indian digital health market: A 2022-27 forecast [Infographic]

The Indian digital health market is booming, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, which sparked a wave of digital transformation across the healthcare ecosystem. It is predicted to reach INR 882.8 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 21...

Quick delivery

Why quick is the next big thing in e-commerce [Infographic]

Convenience and value of time are two fundamental priorities that the pandemic has woven into the fabric of post-Covid customer behavior. The growing demand and willingness to pay for such privileges have formed the runway for the l...

recent innovations in finance

Innovation research in financial services [Infographic]

Traditional entry barriers to the financial services industry have been very high. This is due to a combination of regulatory burdens and high capital requirements, which can make starting a new business prohibitive, especially for ...

RPA and Automation in financial services

RPA and automation in financial services [Infographic]

Global banking is set to enter a new era of divergent growth over the next five years. According to a McKinsey study, the last decade (2011-2020) was one of convergent resilience that saw banks focus on activities involving rebuildi...

Fintech in India 2022

The State of Fintech in India: What’s next for 2022 [Infographic]

In 2021, Indian FinTechs raised a record funding of USD 9 billion. From supporting payments to neobanks, insurance, and lending, fintech adoption is only gaining more traction. In fact, one of the fastest-growing fintech markets in ...

DTx in diabetes market

DTx in diabetes: A closer look at the market landscape [Infographic]

As of 2021, approximately 537 million adults are currently living with diabetes, across the world. This number is projected to rise to 643 million by 2030 and 783 million by 2045. Given the high level of support and treatment costs ...

RFFE for smartphones

Powering 5G: Navigating the changing landscape of RFFE

Radio Frequency Front End (RFFE) industry was well-positioned prior to 2018 as 5G deployment plans began to take shape. Multiple collaborations between the US, the innovation hub, and APAC, the manufacturing hub, fueled the industry...


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