Automotive e-Retailing Digitalizing Vehicle Purchase

Automotive e-Retailing: Digitalizing Vehicle Purchase

With the brick and mortar sales decreasing globally amidst the pandemic, most automakers are looking forward to adopting online business models so they can accommodate consumer needs. To survive the losses caused due to COVID-19, th...

European Electric Automotive Two-wheeler

Decoding the European Electric Automotive Two-wheeler Industry

The European two-wheeler electric vehicle (EV) market witnessed double-digit growth in 2020. While OEM startups in this geography continue to attract global investors, an increasing focus on the development of EV charging infrastru...

In-vehicle health and welness

In-vehicle Health and Wellness – The New Essential

Evolving lifestyle concerns, rising stress levels among other aspects already spurred developments in automotive healthcare before the pandemic catalyzed it. Ever since, the automotive sector has seen a gamut of innovations to help ...

US holiday shopping trends in 2020

Top 9 US holiday shopping trends in 2020 [Infographic]

While there’s no real telling how this holiday season will unfold, there are a few distinct signals that shed light on what could be expected. From 2020’s back-to-school performances to Amazon’s Prime Day being rescheduled, if...

vehicle ee architecture

Vehicle Electronic/Electrical (E/E) Architecture: Imagining the future vehicle architecture

Over the past decade, electrification and connectivity have emerged as key focus areas for the automotive industry that are paving the way for autonomous vehicles. Vehicle E/E architecture is now evolving in the direction of softwar...

COVID-19 response: Life sciences sector

COVID-19 response: Life sciences industry [Infographic]

Life sciences industry’s response to COVID-19 disruptions has evolved over the course of the year. The SARS-CoV-2 virus, first emerged as an unknown pneumonia-like disease in December 2019, and ultimately gained the status of ...

Micro Mobility Market Landscape

Micro-mobility: A market landscape analysis

In the wake of COVID-19, micro-mobility is shaping the future of urban commute by connecting people to public transportation. As the need for a personal cost-efficient mode of transport grows, conventional transportation modes are u...

Fulfilling consumer expectations

Fulfilling consumer expectations post-COVID-19 [Infographic]

As COVID-19 catapults the rules of consumer engagement, brand manufacturers will need to stay cognizant of the quickly evolving new normal. Understanding aspects like the current concerns and priorities of consumers, factors that in...

Future of work Covid-19

The future of work: A COVID-19 perspective [Infographic]

As the aftermath of the pandemic dictates how work is done worldwide, corporate leaders are busy orchestrating business continuity to sustain more than just survive. The number of people working from home in the US, which was one in...

COVID-19 Vaccine

The race to a COVID-19 vaccine [Infographic]

Formulating an ethical and potent vaccine against novel pathogens typically takes years. Globally, scientists, pharmaceutical firms, and regulators are arduously working to answer the most palpable question – a COVID-19 vaccine. W...

Unlocking value from corporate libraries

Unlocking value from corporate libraries

Organizations across industries have relied on information from corporate libraries to exploit new business opportunities, decide a course of action, and improve client relations. Through timely research and analysis, they empower o...

impact of COVID-19 on the growth and adoption of 3D printing

The impact of COVID-19 on the growth and adoption of 3D printing

The rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has redefined the global landscape, forcing governments and organizations to re-evaluate their legacy approach to business. In this report, we look at how the pandemic is affecting the adopt...

B2B Digital Marketing Trends

Key Trends in B2B Digital Marketing and Sales [Infographic]

Digital has become a strategic differentiator for B2B firms. From understanding the customer journey to tracking and leveraging customer data wisely, it’s enabling sales and marketing teams to reach higher volumes at reduced costs...

Automotive Industry Post Covid

The Automotive Industry post COVID-19: Lessons from China and opportunities ahead

The automotive industry is one of the worst-hit amidst the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, the crisis has had a major impact on traditional supply chains, largely due to global shutdowns forcing auto and ancillary makers to su...

Global 5G Deployments

The Impact of COVID-19 on Global 5G Deployments

The magnitude of the impact of COVID-19 has been severe for major sectors including aviation, automotive, tourism, real estate, oil and gas, education, and manufacturing. The telecom industry, though, has been resilient during the c...


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