B2B content marketing strategy 2024

Mapping 2024’s B2B content marketing strategies and trends

As 2024 unfolds, the corporate realm is evolving rapidly, with nearly half the marketers gearing up to redefine their B2B content marketing strategies. Businesses are proactively adapting to stay relevant in the digital space, where...

B2B content marketing guide

A guide to B2B content marketing in 2023

Research shows that the most successful B2B marketers devote 40% of their marketing budget towards content marketing. Moreover, 66% of those marketers will increase their investment over the next 12 months.   Content marketing ...

Future of work Covid-19

The future of work: A COVID-19 perspective [Infographic]

As the aftermath of the pandemic dictates how work is done worldwide, corporate leaders are busy orchestrating business continuity to sustain more than just survive. The number of people working from home in the US, which was one in...

Unlocking value from corporate libraries

Unlocking value from corporate libraries

Organizations across industries have relied on information from corporate libraries to exploit new business opportunities, decide a course of action, and improve client relations. Through timely research and analysis, they empower o...

B2B Digital Marketing Trends

Key Trends in B2B Digital Marketing and Sales [Infographic]

Digital has become a strategic differentiator for B2B firms. From understanding the customer journey to tracking and leveraging customer data wisely, it’s enabling sales and marketing teams to reach higher volumes at reduced costs...

Evaluating EHS compliance in your supply chain

Evaluating EHS compliance in your supply chain

Ensuring environmental, health and safety (EHS) compliance in your supply chain is vital for mitigating third-party risk. Non-compliance can result in hefty fines and spell disaster for your company’s reputation. Procurement and c...


Sports Technology Trends: Investment Priorities and Adoption

The professional sports industry is experiencing a seismic shift both on and off field owing to extensive technology investments. From improving athlete performance to redefining fan engagement, major sports firms are making technol...


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