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Customers want to find what they’re looking for as quickly and easily as possible. In fact, research shows that customers who use on-site search and find what they are looking for are twice more likely to convert. So it makes perfect sense to optimize your site’s search engine.

Netscribes’ internal search audit helps clients improve their website’s search algorithms for an intuitive user experience through an in-depth analysis of customer behavior and historical search data.

Choose Netscribes to

Identify and fix search algorithm issues

Through our internal site search audits, you can identify the actual gaps in the search algorithm by seeing where the query breaks and the desired results are not found.

Add or remove unwanted words

Depending on the context and product type, people’s search patterns may change over time. We provide recommendations for changes in the product content based on our search audit insights.

Change incorrect product categorization

Product categorization may also affect search results on-site. By providing data-driven recommendations about category and sub-category changes, we make sure that your internal site’s search engine performs better.

Netscribes search audit helps e-commerce platforms improve the relevancy and accuracy of their internal site search.

Gain an in-depth review of your product detail pages to expose any inaccuracies and to identify strategic performance opportunities.


Over 95% accuracy in search results

Bespoke solutions

100K+ audits per month

Technology and speed

Obtain results within 8 hours

Our process


Netscribes analyzes customer search queries through end-to-end research based on predefined parameters.


Insights derived help clients refine their search algorithms, add or remove verticals, and migrate erroneously categorized products to the relevant product pages.


Insights from the analysis are used to develop SEO-optimized product descriptions, including relevant keywords and HTML tags, across various product categories.

Success stories

Drive improved customer experiences and purchase decisions with relevant and accurate search results.

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