The value of social listening in marketing and communications strategy

marketing and communications strategy

Keeping a pulse on what your customers want is invaluable, no matter what industry you play in. As consumers increasingly take it to social media platforms to talk about what they feel, there’s immense opportunity for brands to gain actionable, real-time insights through social listening. Here are some of the ways in which brands can benefit by listening to what customers have to say across social platforms.

1. Gain business intelligence

Digital channels such as social networking sites, review sites and forums produce humongous volumes of user data by the second. A lot of this data consists of honest customer opinions, feedback and expressions, which can provide tremendous customer insight. Savvy marketers are using these insights to understand how customers perceive their brands, identify trends, and develop products and services tailored to customer needs.

In one instance, a renowned automobile manufacturer wanted to understand what customers thought of its brand after its annual motorcycling event. To find out, Netscribes integrated social media analytics with market research insights, which not only revealed what customers thought of the brand, but also threw light on the gaps in their customer service.

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Social media listening can also help brands understand how they stack up against the competition by analyzing brand preferences, the reasons behind those preferences;  identify customers that choose the competition over you, and their personas.

2. Measure the performance of marketing campaigns

A lot of marketing dollars are spent on campaigns across traditional and digital marketing channels. With social listening, brands can better understand the impact of this spend, measure the ROI, and inform not just their future campaigns, but also course-correct their existing campaigns with real-time social insights.

One of the key applications of social listening involves identifying trending topics for developing relevant campaigns. Social listening can help marketers act fast by seizing the moment while the topic is still hot.

Another useful application of social listening is identifying the type of content formats (video, photo, gif, text, etc.) that are performing well.  By measuring the impact of various content formats, brands can figure out what kind of content will appeal to different audiences.

3. Manage reputations

A lot of consumers today use social media and other online forums for availing customer care, which makes social listening an indispensable part of customer service. Ignoring customer feedback and complaints on social platforms is, therefore, no longer an option.

Social listening can help brands protect their reputations by identifying what conversations are affecting their brand image in real time, manage crisis, and respond to them in time.

Netscribes’ social listening and monitoring services helped one of India’s top-three banks achieve the fastest customer response rate in the industry. The brand went on to win the Most Customer Responsive Company award for three consecutive years.

Netscribes’ combines social media analytics with advanced market research to help brands gain deep customer and competitive intelligence. Speak to us to find out how your business apply social listening to succeed.

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