Six ways you might be weakening your content

content strategy best practices

So, you’ve hired a team of smart content writers and digital marketers, you’re spending the right amount on ads, and you’re doing everything right, but somehow, your content strategy is still missing the mark?

If so, you might be guilty of one of the following and violating the latest content strategy best practices:

1. Not using AI

AI is not only transforming experiences for both content marketers and their target audience. While ChatGPT and its ilk certainly have their limitations, it’s a great way to brainstorm, build outlines, and even arrive at (very) rough first drafts. There are also tools out there that serve as great peer editors,  language fixers, SEO strategists, and content moderators too! 

So ensure your team is not wasting their time on activities that an LLM can handle.

2. No CTA

No CTA means no action! You have to have a CTA, even if it is a subtle, unobtrusive one. So if you’re struggling with:

  • Poor engagement 
  • Lack of direction
  • Low conversion rates 
  • Fewer opportunities for data collection

Then lack of a CTA might be the problem.

By creating a sense of urgency, a well-crafted CTA encourages immediate action. It is a promising fix for weak content. 

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3. No big-picture, C-level perspective

I know, I know, it’s painful. Forcing your ultra-busy CEO or CXO into a discussion about content can be like pulling teeth. But their position and perspective give them invaluable insights that you simply cannot get anywhere else.  

But, there’s more. Getting buy-in from your CXO helps with:

  • Added credibility and visibility
  • Visionary insights (hopefully)
  • A peek into strategic business thinking
  • Alignment with all stakeholders

So grit your teeth and schedule that 20-minute session with your boss. Your readership metrics will thank you for it.

4. No clear owner

Any initiative that’s worth anything has to have clear ownership – someone who is both the last word and the guiding force. As a content strategy best practice, assigning a clear owner for a content piece ensures high quality, consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness. In addition, your content marketing strategy will also benefit from 

  • A clear voice and perspective
  • Guaranteed timelines 
  • An efficient workflow

5. An inadequate (or non-existent) distribution/promotion plan 

A proper distribution and promotion plan gives your content the visibility and reach it deserves. You can think of it as a reward for all the hard work you put into the content in the first place! Essentially, a content distribution and promotion plan involves:

  • Content distribution: Ensuring you share your content where your target audience is most likely to see and respond to it. This could be through email, website bots, messengers, and other channels. 
  • Content promotion: Sharing your content on platforms and channels where prospective interested parties might see it. This includes public platforms, syndications, and social media as a content strategy best practice.

So make sure you’re doing it!

6. No keywords

Keywords are what give your content wings. There is no content marketing without keywords. But they need to be used cleverly. Gone are the days when you could stuff your content with SEO keywords and wait for it to rank as a content strategy best practice. Google hates that, and rightly so. 

Use advanced keyword generation tools like Google Autocomplete, Google Trends, Power Thesaurus, Google Search Console, Ubersuggest, and others to build a list of keywords. Then incorporate them in a way that never loses sight of the ultimate prize: reader value-add and interest. 

It is never too late to get back on track with your content. If you find yourself falling off the wagon and indulging in any of the above, cease immediately and get the basics back in place. It’s worked for some of the world’s most impactful brands, it will work for you.

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Based on insights by Ajay Piwhal, Assistant Manager, Business Development

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