The 3 best welcome email examples to make the best first impression

Welcome emails are a little like a first date: You need to make a good first impression to win your new prospects over and turn them into customers. Here’s why:

welcome mail


The beautiful thing with a welcome email is that users expect to receive it since it stems from an actual user action on your website. They came across your brand; they saw your product or service and decided to give up their details to receive offers, benefits, and news.

These actions make welcome emails… well, welcome. And this is why you need elements that can make them look beautiful, with optimized content types that will drive revenue down the line and eye-catching visuals.

But let’s take it from the top.

Top welcome emails: the elements to incorporate

Capturing a lead’s details takes more than a beautiful pop-up form, right? Well, the same goes for your welcome emails. Creating an effective welcome email campaign takes a lot more than great visuals and actionable CTAs.

So, what are the core elements to incorporate in your welcome email campaign to make it top-notch?

The first thing to understand when it comes to a welcome email sequence would be that you need to be really picky when it comes to the email newsletter software you’re going to choose. This means that you need a tool that can give you a contemporary Drag-and-Drop email builder, a library of fully customizable email templates, and the opportunity to use visuals of any type. From any source or even social media channels, that’s your call.

Also, keep in mind that the platform you’re going to choose should be able to give you built-in segmentation and personalization options. That way, you’ll manage to create a marketing message that resonates with your audience on a one-on-one basis – making things more interesting and actionable. In layman’s terms, you need your value proposition to be irresistible.

And since welcome emails already convert a lot more than any other email sequence, as evident by the stat above, creating segmented, personalized welcome emails that are easy on the eyes will be your master weapon for customer retention.

Of course, we’re not done here. To open a welcome email, a recipient must see a subject line that sets it apart from the others. The fact that they’re expecting your marketing message doesn’t mean it’ll have the open rate you want without you trying. If a welcome email is like the first date, your subject line is the perfect outfit. So, make sure that the users understand what your email is about right off the bat.

Moving on, the users will open your email. This is where perfect content comes into play. Since a welcome email is the introductory piece of content for your brand or service, you need to create an email design that showcases your brand’s value. Create images and bake the copy into your email in a way that will provide more context but just enough to intrigue and gently nudge users to click through.

And never forget two crucial things: the double opt-in and the unsubscribe button. Double opt-ins will help you gather interested leads. Non-interested or semi-interested prospects won’t care enough to confirm their email address. On the other hand, the unsubscribe button will help you keep your reputation clean and not be flagged as spam. Make sure it’s right there where users can see it. A lead who cannot opt-out at any time will flag your email as spam.

These are the staples a welcome email needs to become one of the top welcome emails of all time. But how can you incorporate all of that information?

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Top welcome email examples: the brands that made it

Now let’s see some brands that managed to craft a successful welcome email campaign, understand why it worked, and get you inspired.

Moosend – “You’re officially a part of the Moosend family!”

welcome mail example


Simple is best, and Moosend’s welcome email knows how to make something as simple as an email design with brand colors and an emoji look exciting.

This email aims to help and inform, which means that actionable language and a simple, to-the-point copy will do all the work for you. Oh, and notice how the word “better” is repeated? The brand’s objective is to help you, boost your marketing efforts, help you utilize your online marketing tools to perfection, and make the most of your brand’s tone and your leads.

Monday – “You’re in 🙂 quick video inside”

in-video mail


Conversational subject line? Check. Does it showcase what the user will find in terms of content when they open the email? Check. Showcases value from the start? Check.

Monday has done a great job with their welcome email, and this is why it’s on my list of top welcome email examples for today. The brand’s excellent use of video marketing offers an immersive experience. And the fact that the CEO addresses the prospect is a fantastic touch.

The immersive experience of video in email marketing is one of your best bets, as it can attract prospects and lead them further down their customer journey with ease. Don’t be afraid to use a small product video or GIF in your welcome email. Just break down your platform’s core details into bite-sized pieces, and you’re good to go.

Lyft – “Nice to have you onboard”

welcome mail GIF


The first thing I noticed about this email was the fantastic wordplay, seeing as this is a welcome email that aims to onboard users, and Lyft aims to transport people pretty much anywhere.

The CTA is actionable, the visuals are spot-on as they show how the app actually works, and the value proposition is right there. Also, notice the little detail at the bottom. This is the first out of the four emails the user will receive in the welcome series.

It’s important to be transparent, especially when you’re building brand awareness – which is one of the objectives of a welcome email anyway. That way, users will understand how your brand operates and know what to expect from you. More importantly, they’ll be more eager to share their experience with your brand and give you a better chance to penetrate your target market.

The takeaway

The science of welcome emails is not always being the best at visuals or having the most clever copy. Sometimes, all you need is to segment, personalize, and be mindful of how responsive your email template really is.

And one last thing: Never forget to A/B test and create content your users can actually relate to. This will help you remain top-of-mind and be seen as a relatable brand in which users want to invest.

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