COVID-19: The need for consumer insights in content marketing

consumer insights for content marketing

As the world adjusts to the new normal of social detachment, we marketers are figuring out the best ways to respond to the situation. Data shows that consumers want to hear more from brands in these times. But with consumer behavior changing with every major news event and development, knowing what and how to communicate with consumers can be befuddling. How can consumer insights support content marketing in such a scenario?

Staying connected with consumers is key to creating effective communication strategies at the time of the coronavirus. You must know exactly what customers need and continually adapt to the changing environment. Here’s where consumer insights can help. By gathering data through primary and secondary research approaches and employing social listening tools, marketers can obtain timely insights into changing consumer behavior, so you don’t have to rely on gut-based decisions. Authentic consumer insights offer clarity about your customers’ needs and preferences, enabling more effective content marketing strategies. Here’s how.

Communicate and share content that resonates

With consumers inundated with information across channels, it’s easy for your messages to get drowned out, or worse, sound the same as every other brand. To stand out and be heard, marketers need to communicate in a way that speaks directly to the needs and behaviors of their audiences. Keeping a close eye on trending consumer interests and things they care about in the time of the coronavirus can provide insights to do so.

Know which times to communicate

Most people are confined to their homes, and their schedules have changed too. Marketers need to take this into account when communicating their brand messages. Identify when online searches and social media conversations peak during the day in your focus region.  This will help you release content when most people in your target group is engaged.  

Offer industry thought leadership

For B2B firms, enlightening stakeholders and customers about the impact of the coronavirus on industries is key to achieving differentiation and establishing themselves as experts in their fields. Consider using this time to research the effects of the pandemic on your clients’ industries and the role your organization will play to support their needs. Sharing such insights with key stakeholders will help them make better decisions while building your firm’s reputation and credibility as a thought leader.  

Know which channels to release content on

Digital media consumption is at an all-time high. By conducting research on the type of content and platforms your audience uses, you’ll be in a better position to determine the content formats, social media platforms, and advertising channels that will work best for your brand.

Develop an effective response strategy

The coronavirus has had an emotional impact on almost everyone, and the worst you can do is publish tone-deaf content. Marketers that take time to carefully analyze consumer sentiment and provide content that’s clear, concise and honest can be successful.

Tips for communicating with customers during COVID-19

  1. Share useful information that’s not trying to sell
  2. Synchronize trending topics with your brand’s goals
  3. Speak about your contribution to your community’s wellbeing
  4. Voice solidarity for essential workers and healthcare professionals  
  5. Incorporate social listening to your marketing strategy for authentic and faster insights
  6. Use data and research from reliable sources to support your content

There’s no denying that these are challenging times. But sitting back and waiting for it to pass is not an option. It’s only the businesses that adapt will thrive in the post-coronavirus world.

Netscribes provides reliable data, insights, and research-driven content to help marketers stay agile. To know more about how we can help your brand navigate through this crisis, contact us.

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