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Competitive Intelligence for the Global IT Infrastructure Market

Competitive Intelligence for the Global IT Infrastructure Market

Competition in the IT services marketplace is heating up, as new-age, non-traditional players compete with established incumbents. To retain a competitive edge, global IT firms need to be keenly aware of the competitive landscape.

When a leading ICT company with global influence wanted to identify key, strategic focus areas for business growth, they partnered with Netscribes to gain in-depth technology competitive intelligence. Find out how we helped them deepen their understanding of their business and achieve their business objectives.

Objective and challenges 

To understand the scope of innovation in the IT infrastructure space, it was necessary for the client to acquire a deeper understanding of the global IT market. An independent, in-depth technology competitive intelligence analysis was the need of the hour.


With the help of secondary research, Netscribes analyzed the competitive landscape and produced a report that gave the client a complete understanding of the global IT infrastructure market. Secondary sources included websites of competing firms, industry and government publications, news publications, external articles, and private databases. 

When conducting secondary research on the nature of competition, Netscribes meticulously chose subjects that were relevant, and only then conducted in-depth research into the competitors’ operational and organizational structures.

The key focus areas of the study included:

  • Determining the market size particularly for North America, growth rate, and growth rate forecasts for the next 3-5 years
  • Key market drivers and major trends/disruptions in the industry
  • Solutions and investments implemented by clients
  • Buyer-side requirements (i.e. buying trends, centers, investments)
  • Ongoing deals/contracts
  • Vertical-specific solutions offered globally by competitors
  • Variations of thought-leadership content available across multiple channels/media

Results delivered

Netscribes delivered a comprehensive report that outlined various aspects of the global IT infrastructure market. The findings of this report helped the client in the following areas:

  • Actions and practices of their competitors for comparison
  • Identifying key areas of focus
  • A detailed overview  into the industry’s future trends


With the help of Netscribes’ in-depth technology competitive intelligence analysis, the client gained a holistic view of the industry and was able to sharpen their focus on specific areas requiring the company’s urgent attention.

They also gained an accurate understanding of what their competitors were doing differently and the possible gaps in their operations. Additionally, the report helped the client in channelizing its focus on other areas in which they were falling behind, thus giving them more scope to address their problems effectively.

Uncover hidden market opportunities and learn about your competitors’ next steps with Netscribes’ Competitive Intelligence solutions.
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