How to drive e-commerce CX excellence at scale with catalog scoring and seller support

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  • To enhance e-commerce customer experience at scale, businesses are adopting automated catalog scoring solutions powered by AI and ML.
  • This approach, exemplified in a partnership with a first-of-its-kind ecommerce player, and Netscribes. We streamlined catalog quality checks by focusing on completeness, compliance, and correctness.
  • Netscribes not only ensures catalog accuracy but also provides seamless seller support, offering a competitive edge through enhanced catalog quality, operational efficiency, and tailored solutions in the dynamic e-commerce arena.

As new business models within e-commerce germinate and flourish at jet speed, the table stakes like accurate and reliable product information continue to bag the final buck. Manual validation checks even though preferable can be time-consuming, and despite being able to offer the highest quality can be difficult to scale and expensive. 

So, to overcome these challenges, businesses are turning to automated catalog scoring solutions developed using advanced AI and ML models to scale, and drive optimized operations all without hampering quality. This is precisely why an e-commerce mammoth partnered with us. Here’s where they sought Netscribes catalog management services, to achieve ecommerce catalog scoring excellence and provide seamless seller support.

The challenge of maintaining catalog quality

When it comes to e-commerce networks, maintaining high-quality product catalogs is essential for delivering a superior shopping experience. However, ensuring accurate and reliable product information can be a daunting task. Not just that, understanding the complex permutations and combinations of the ideal product display across each category is a herculean feat. Additionally, the sheer volume of products and sellers on these platforms makes it challenging to vet and maintain catalog quality standards.

Automated ecommerce catalog scoring for enhanced accuracy

Netscribes offers a comprehensive and fully automated ecommerce catalog scoring platform. It’s one that streamlines the process of verifying product attributes and ensuring catalog accuracy. Moreover, by leveraging our expertise, we categorize validations for a one-of-a-kind e-commerce player into key areas known as the 3Cs: Completeness, Compliance, and Correctness. Next, through our automated platform, we do not just perform meticulous checks using advanced AI and machine learning to verify the presence of mandatory attributes. But, we also validate compliance with industry standards, and ensure data correctness as per the products listed.

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Seamless seller support for improved catalog quality

Besides ecommerce catalog scores, Netscribes provides seamless support to sellers. This enables them to manage and update their product information effortlessly. What’s more? Our ML-enabled platform assists sellers in filling product data gaps, ensuring compliance with platform mandates, and offering timely feedback. All of this is to improve catalog quality. By empowering sellers with the right tools and guidance, we help them maintain high standards. This in turn contributes to the overall catalog quality.

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Why partner with Netscribes

Enhanced catalog quality: Our automated ecommerce catalog scoring ensures consistent and accurate product information. This in turn leads to memorable shopping experiences, brand recall, and loyalty.

Increased operational efficiency: Next, automated catalog scoring eliminates the need for manual validation checks, saving time and resources for e-commerce marketplaces.

Reliable scoring at scale: Netscribes handles a consistent ecommerce catalog scoring process every fortnight for millions of SKUs every month. Thus, we provide reliable and accurate scores for efficient catalog management.

Customized solutions: Our AI and ML-enabled platform allows for tailored checks and weightage allocation. These are based on specific business needs and industry standards. This helps us ensure a customized catalog scoring experience.

When it is about the competitive e-commerce landscape, accurate and reliable product information is a key differentiator for success. By leveraging Netscribes’ automated catalog scoring solutions and seamless seller support, businesses can achieve catalog scoring excellence. Plus they can improve catalog quality, and deliver a superior shopping experience to their customers. 

Partnering with us has empowered leading e-commerce marketplaces to streamline catalog management and boost productivity. All this while staying ahead in a breakneck digital commerce race for the largest market pie. To know how we can help scale your current online business all while maintaining costs, quality, and compliance, contact us.

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