Global NGS library preparation market: Growth drivers, challenges, and key trends

Global NGS library preparation market

The global NGS library preparation market has witnessed steady growth for the last few years and is expected to continue this momentum in the coming years. The lowering costs associated with NGS and a rise in genetic disorders are some of the major factors propelling the NGS Library preparation market growth. According to Netscribes, the global NGS Library preparation market will be worth USD 1.33 billion by 2023. Here is a quick glance at its market drivers and challenges.

Growth drivers

Decreasing costs of sequencing

There has been an overall decline in costs pertaining to NGS, making the technology more affordable and accessible. This, in turn, is resulting in the higher adoption of NGS and swift expansion of sample numbers, thereby driving demand for library preparation products across the world.

Increasing prevalence of genetic disorders

Globally, 10/1000 children are born with a single gene disease according to WHO. NGS is increasingly used as a tool for diagnosis and research activities related to genetic disorders. Thus, the rising prevalence of genetic disorders is driving the adoption of NGS tools, including library preparation solutions, globally.

Rise in NIH spending for sequencing

There has been a steady rise in NIH (National Institutes of Health) spending in the US, pertaining to sequencing and research activities. This is driving the adoption of NGS techniques worldwide. In October 2018, US President Donald Trump signed into a law on an appropriations package including a USD 2 billion budget increase for NIH in the fiscal year 2019.

Asian countries presenting new growth opportunities

Asia is emerging as a vital hub for pharmaceutical R&D, facilitated by the availability of a high patient population, quality data, skilled manpower, and low costs. This is driving the adoption of NGS library tools in the region. Significant developments in countries like China and Japan for the integration of new technologies and the development of healthcare are adding to the growth prospects of the NGS library market.

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Fragmented workflows and complexity of data analysis limit adoption

Despite recent breakthroughs making NGS library preparation techniques more accessible to smaller labs, there are still many barriers that limit the large-scale adoption of the technique. The main challenges associated with the installation of the NGS technique are high costs, fragmented workflows, and complexity of data analysis and interpretation. These factors altogether limit the uptake of NGS technologies (including library preparation) in mid and small-sized laboratories.

Limited expertise and sequencing capabilities of individual laboratories

The limitations on expertise and sequencing capabilities of individual laboratories have partially constrained the overall growth of the NGS library preparation market. The market is dependent on the continued ramp in sequence outsourcing to expand its reach and size and to allow other projects to be undertaken.

Switching from manual to automated NGS library preparation

The manual NGS library preparation process is labor-intensive, requiring experience and attention to detail demanding long hours. However, with the launch of automatic and robotic library preparation solutions, researchers are able to save valuable man-hours involved in the process. Furthermore, automating sequencing library preparation minimizes errors, reduces hands-on time, and enables higher throughput.
Aligned with this, a leading NGS player, Illumina, simplifies kit automation by partnering with leading automation vendors (such as; Beckman Coulter, Tecan, and PerkinElmer) in liquid handling, fragmentation, and size selection. The resultant automated products significantly decrease the time and expense of method development and optimization.

Growing demand for library preparation tools in China

China is expected to emerge as the most lucrative market for NGS library preparation tools in the coming four years. This is due to a rising NGS market within the country, fueled by rising life science funding, growing biological CROs, and an expanding pharmaceutical market.

Reduced cost of NGS library preparation

The costs involved in NGS library preparation is decreasing due to improved availability of affordable library preparation kits. For instance, PerkinElmer provides a complete portfolio of cost-effective NGS library preparation kits and barcodes for the Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencing platforms.

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