[VIDEO] 7 e-commerce trends shaping digital strategies post COVID-19

E-commerce digital strategies

E-commerce is showing no signs of slowing down. This pandemic-driven boost has fueled some rapidly evolving customer behaviors and purchase patterns. Therefore it has become imperative for brands and retailers to reconsider their existing e-commerce digital strategies in light of these developments.

Studies suggest that owing to product unavailability and inaccessibility, the outbreak compelled considerable brand loyalty shifts. In fact, 75% of US consumers tried different stores, websites, and brands due to the crisis. What’s more interesting is that 60% of these consumers plan to stick to these new brands and stores in their post-COVID-19 lives.

As of Q1 of 2021 e-commerce drives 1 in every 5 dollars spent on retail purchases. Brands and retailers eager to stay in the winning lane need to be aware of shifting consumer behaviors and market fluctuations. This video unveils seven key trends to sharpen your e-commerce digital strategies in line with the new normal. 

Another good way to prepare your business for this evolving new normal would be to deep dive into these reigning e-commerce trends post-COVID-19. As a brand, it will help you understand and stay cognizant of the most impactful market shifts and how to effectively navigate them.

Wondering where to start? Understand how your business can imbibe actionable insights from these trends into your e-commerce digital strategies by downloading our complimentary whitepaper – 7 E-commerce trends shaping digital strategies post-COVID-19

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