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How a comprehensive market landscape analysis helped a paints and coatings company

How a comprehensive market landscape analysis helped a paints and coatings company

A comprehensive market landscape analysis helps a paints and coatings company take decisive steps to grab lucrative opportunities in the Thailand market.


Our client wanted to understand the market landscape and potential of paints and coatings in Thailand via desk research. It was in search of a partner that could provide all the information it needed to make a confident investment decision.


Netscribes took the following approach for studying Thailand’s paints and coatings market:

  • We defined the key sources of information related to the market
  • We conducted secondary market research by leveraging reliable sources such as news articles, company announcements, premium databases, and analyst reports to derive relevant market information for further analysis.
  • The relevancy of the information was checked based on:
      1. Timeline of the information: Only the most recent and relevant information was sourced and saved
      2. Accuracy: Before obtaining the information from a source, we verified that the methodology used by the information provider was genuine
      3. Scope of the request: We confirmed that the scope of the information provided is restricted to the definition given by the information provider

Results delivered

A detailed market landscape report was delivered, which included the following:

  • Country specific information, including the political and economic scenario, social stability and our outlook for the future
  • An overview of the Thai paints and coatings market, including the current and projected growth of domestic demand and exports
  • A market segmentation analysis by product type (water-based, conventional solvent-based, high solids solvent-based and powder coatings) and user type (construction, manufacturing, automotive, heavy industries, marine and furniture)
  • The competitive structure, key players and distribution structure for over 100 paint and coatings manufacturers and suppliers in Thailand
  • The key challenges presented by the Thai paints and coating market
  • The current and forecasted product, application and consumer behavior trends
  • Finally, we highlighted the key areas that the company should focus on based on a strategic analysis of each of the following segments by revenue forecast, trends by application, and market share analysis
      1. Conventional solvent-based coatings market
      2. High solids solvent-based paints market
      3. Water-based coatings market
      4. Powder coatings market


Our comprehensive market landscape analysis helped the client to understand the opportunities, challenges, trends, market segments, and
key players in the paints and coatings market in Thailand and effectively develop a well-informed market entry strategy.

Succeeding in a new market requires a deep understanding of its inner workings. Knowledge of the economic, political, regulatory and competitive scenario can help firms assess the market value, foresee barriers and find ways to circumvent them. With a similar objective, our client wanted to understand the market potential for paints and coatings in Thailand to guide its business expansion plans. Download this case study to find out how our market landscape analysis helped in achieving its goals.
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