How business intelligence and company information can help you stay ahead

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Access to vital company information and business intelligence is congruent to strategic decision making. Decision-makers rely on such vital business intelligence to plan effective decisions with minimal expected errors. But complete, accurate, and relevant data is not readily available; you need experts to source them through different channels and validate them before it can be used for decision-making.

Here’s how well-researched company data can be a game-changer in the decision-making process and give leaders the ability to harness better prospects.

Leveraging company information for a competitive advantage

Data is essential for effective decision making. And not just any kind of data – well-researched, relevant data. Timely inputs on competitive intelligence can do wonders for your organization. The culmination of any business decision is fostered by quality data and the availability of accurate company information, present at the right time. You can make those critical decisions, be it choosing the right vendor or identifying the value chain for developing a robust market-entry strategy.

As marketing teams require competitive intelligence to stay ahead of the game, feeding them with market information on competitors, products, partners, and suppliers is a must. Ask yourself, why should your business development and sales initiatives take a back seat only because of insufficient leads? Mining the right companies to focus on can help you to map them correctly in an execution plan, and help you target the organizations that need your services.

The advantages of hiring experts for profiling companies

Business leaders who make important decisions for example, regarding finance and investments, need strong domain expertise and intelligence on companies to keep your deal-sourcing initiatives at a constant pace. Apart from this, identifying relevant markets and gaining the right information on relevant enterprises helps save considerable amounts of time spent in research. Business intelligence also helps in identifying your prospective portfolio company and the efforts required for making that final target list will be lower. Private equities, venture capitalists, REITs and service providers’ can benefit from access to this information required for fostering deal origination by getting a piece of that big deal, as it happens. The relevance of gaining business intelligence from market research experts, here, is higher due to the cost advantage, the ability to achieve increased ROI on intelligence-gathering activities, and helping you focus on your core business.

A company profile can be designed and curated to fit practically any business need. It will typically include a generic company description, operating status, employee strength, social media presence, biographies of key people, essential products, financials, stock information, recent vital events/news and funding history, and information on shareholders. The depth of research and aspects covered will keep on changing based on specific requirements and its end users.

How does company profiling help?

Companies thrive through proper networking channels, and that is one of the best ways in which a company can foster relations within the industry. Update and increase your company’s business strategy including networking goals, with an influx of fresh feeds, received through a customized market research platform. A well-prepared manifesto for any meeting or big conference can help you network better with others, and possibly land a deal that you have been planning on for a long time.

Apart from networking, there are significant benefits of having a customized company report. For instance, a custom-built company profile with the focus on people management activities of a company can even enhance your existing HR practices.

For firms in the big data space, large volumes of data need to be collected, cleansed, interpreted and analyzed, and this feat can be achieved only by a robust data collection and data management team. Large corporations, financial institutions, legal advisors, and even head-hunters are using online data platform subscriptions to fill existing knowledge gaps.

Be it any corporation seeking information on companies in a new region, an agent advising its client to raise its seed money, a PE is looking to close its fundraising, or be it a head-hunter looking for the perfect fit for a particular profile, the requirement for a comprehensive well-researched database does not diminish.

Some of the world’s leading financial institutions, venture capital firms, research companies, investment professionals, and leading private sector banks rely on Netscribes for building their databases and gaining business intelligence. Contact us today to find out how your business can benefit from our services.

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