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How Company Profiling enhanced a company’s Business Intelligence and Competitive Edge

How Company Profiling enhanced a company’s Business Intelligence and Competitive Edge

Company profiling serves as the cornerstone of informed business strategies, providing a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s structure, operations, and market positioning. Accurate and up-to-date company profiles are invaluable assets, offering a deep dive into a company’s history, financial health, leadership, and competitive landscape.

Our client, one of the world’s largest data and information companies, wanted to update its business database with accurate profiles of companies in the MENA region to identify and capitalize on potential business opportunities. It was in search of a reliable partner that could develop company profiles with accurate information. See how they were able to achieve scalability, profitability, and better support for their  strategic initiatives through Netscribes’ company profiling services. 


The primary objective was to conduct a comprehensive profiling of companies within the MENA region and diligently update their extensive database. For the purpose of enriching the information repository, both primary and secondary research was conducted.


In response to the client’s ambitious goals, Netscribes orchestrated a dedicated team of skilled associates and senior associates, all guided by an experienced project manager. This dynamic team was strategically structured to deliver over 100 meticulously crafted company profiles daily.

Netscribes took a two-pronged approach, combining in-house primary and secondary research efforts. The primary research component involved insightful interviews with information seekers spread across the MENA region.

Results delivered

  1. Achieve scalability & profitability : The implemented solution not only met but exceeded expectations, unlocking scalability in the profiling process.
  2. New product development: The enriched and updated database became a catalyst for new product development opportunities.


This collaborative venture redefined our client’s approach to enhancing operational efficiency and reducing turnaround times, resulting in enhanced productivity. The enriched and updated database, thanks to in-depth company profiling, acted as a catalyst for new product development, providing opportunities to diversify and expand their offerings.

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