B2B content marketing lessons we can learn from Google

Google's Content Marketing

It’s no secret that Google is immensely successful. It is synonymous with internet search and is hands-down one of the most valuable companies in the world. But even the most successful companies must market themselves. Google implements impressive strategies, and anyone following the tech giant would agree that it creates remarkable marketing content.

If you’re looking to implement the top content best practices, emulating Google might be a great way to start. We’ve dissected Google’s content strategy to uncover some useful tips for creating more compelling content. Here’s what we gathered.

Provide information that will help customers succeed

content that provides advice on how to solve a problem

In the above instance, by acknowledging and addressing its buyer’s pain points, Google provides sound guidance like a true business partner while fortifying a position of authority in its customers’ minds.

Takeaway: Customers are at the heart of everything marketers do. Make sure you keep a pulse on your prospects’ challenges and provide content focused on solving them. In a world charged with digital disruption, your ability to help them discern real-world solutions from temporary fixes will earn their trust.

Back your claims with data and insights

Content strategy

Google’s content always packs invaluable data and insights focused on enlightening their audience i.e digital marketers. In this instance, it throws light on consumers’ evolving content consumption habits online.

Takeaway:  Decision makers value content that offers advice and insight on topics they care about. However, insights need to be backed by data in order to win their trust and credibility. In cases when there’s little or no data available, consider partnering with a reliable market intelligence agency, such as Netscribes, that can provide quantitative data to support your content strategy.


Convince with evidence-based content

Content strategy

Today’s B2B decision makers are highly-empowered and seek solutions with proven results. That’s why, Google leverages evidence-based content through case studies to equip its target audience with result-oriented solutions.

Takeaway: Quantifying a client’s success achieved through your involvement drives home more value than toeing around the self-promotional lines. So the next time you create a case study, try focusing on not just how your solutions resolve a problem but also on the results your clients achieved.


Time your content wisely

Content strategy

Google’s content delivers insights and updates on trending topics, such as this holiday season themed article. From seasonal highlights to last-minute game-changers, Google is always on the ball to provide information that’s in line with the latest happenings.

Takeaway: Timely content grabs attention and helps influence customer decisions faster, provided it’s relevant to their needs. When these decisions take off on a right note you can rest assured that you have gained a loyal customer. Thus, serving up the latest insights will help you command a top-of-mind resonance as a brand and build credibility as a company that cares for its customers.

Apart from the above observations, a few more essentials are indispensable to developing stellar B2B content:

Pay close attention to format: Present information through mediums that top executives and decision makers are most likely to consume. For e.g. – Annual reports, whitepapers, infographics, e-books, etc.

Craft snappy subject lines: A great way to do this is by treating your subject line as an elevator pitch. Pack in just enough to reveal the crux in not more than 60 characters.

Say more with visuals: Add life to your communication with interactive content. Don’t be afraid to step a notch above by incorporating GIFs and videos.

Leverage unique research: Integrate a thorough market analysis or competitive intelligence to unveil distinctive insights that captivate your prospects and reinstate the loyalty of your clients.

Stay consistent: From brand colors to voice and tonality, every piece of content must carry the same personality that you commanded from the beginning.

One of the hallmarks of Google is that it values the time of its time-crunched reader or user. From simplifying product experiences to providing research-driven recommendations, the company holds the beacon of simplicity, agility, and transparency high across all its communication.

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