Living amid hyper-connectivity means that businesses are always being bombarded with data, encompassing customer interactions, operational metrics, and market trends. While the sheer volume presents an undeniable challenge, the true differentiator lies in the ability to unlock its transformative potential. In short, harnessing the power of information is crucial for thriving businesses.

Yet, many struggle with fragmented data and inefficient processes, hindering their ability to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge. Join Netscribes’ webinar on ‘The Fundamentals of Data Foundation,’ and learn how to establish a robust data foundation – the cornerstone of any successful data-driven organization.

What you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of data-driven organizations and how to get there.
  • What a Unified Intelligence Platform is and its significance for your business.
  • The fundamentals of Data Foundations, including essential components like data architecture, governance, and quality management.
  • Practical steps for assessing your current data landscape and building a solid foundation
  • Next steps in integrating data engineering practices to build a unified platform.

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Our speakers

Amey Walavalkar

Vice President, Automation & AI

Amey brings a wealth of experience to the table as Netscribes’ Vice President of Automation & AI. He leads a team of over 70 engineers across web, data, and machine learning, spearheading the development of innovative technology solutions that empower businesses. Amey holds an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, PA, US, and possesses a robust skill set encompassing Software Engineering Management, Technology Strategy, AI/ML Engineering, Cloud Computing, Platform & Product Development, SaaS, PnL Management, and Program Management.

Hitesh Melwani 

Data Architect

As a Data Architect at Netscribes, Hitesh’s expertise lies in designing and managing robust data infrastructure solutions. With a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Mumbai University, Hitesh brings a comprehensive skillset and expertise in data engineering, website development, and Agile/Scrum management to his role. Prior to his current role, Hitesh served as a Lead Data Engineer at Tractable AI, where he played a pivotal role in developing automated, scalable ETL pipelines on AWS for the AI Estimating product. He also served as a Senior Data Engineer, managing end-to-end automated ETL pipeline development for Supply Chain Migration and powering BI dashboards for enhanced data accessibility and analytics.

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