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  • Discover the strategic advantages of outsourcing research for business growth.
  • Dive into the ways outsourcing research drives innovation by leveraging external expertise and diverse perspectives.
  • Explore how efficiency is enhanced through streamlined processes and access to specialized skills.
  • Learn how outsourcing research becomes a key driver for propelling your company forward, gaining a competitive edge in the market.

In the realm of business consulting, the ability to implement solutions has become the focal point for client value and satisfaction. Consulting firms, once instrumental compasses guiding clients through unprecedented challenges, now find themselves in a space where articulating and defending their value proposition is imperative. Here’s where outsourcing research comes in.

Recent studies highlight a significant shift in client priorities, with an increasing emphasis on a consulting firm’s capability to implement solutions, marking a four-fold rise in expectations for deliverable value. As the consulting landscape transforms, achieving higher productivity levels emerges as a key factor for building and retaining long-term client relationships.


Achieving higher productivity levels to forge long-term relationships

Current economic uncertainties have prompted enterprises to focus on controlling costs, making achieving higher productivity levels crucial for business success. While consulting firms historically played a pivotal role in guiding clients to navigate evolving hurdles, only 17% of existing clients extensively use consulting firms to improve productivity. This indicates an untapped potential for consulting services to drive productivity gains. Amid this scenario, forging long-term client relationships becomes essential, and achieving higher productivity emerges as a key focus area for consulting firms.


Leveraging effective research and insights to drive productivity

Visibility is key to controlling what businesses cannot see, and research and insights (R&I) strategies offer enhanced clarity and understanding of dynamics hindering productivity. Effective research and insights can augment solutioning throughout the consulting project lifecycle, providing a well-understood foundation for delivering impactful solutions. Outsourcing research plays a pivotal role of R&I in unifying solutions, from primary and secondary research to machine learning, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the problems at hand.

Unifying solutions towards an integrated R&I framework

A systematic, step-wise approach to deploying a unified R&I framework can drive productivity gains for consulting firms. This involves combining primary research, consumer surveys, and online survey data with secondary research and advanced social media listening tools. By unifying solutions through R&I, consulting firms can ensure a comprehensive understanding of the problems they aim to address. This integrated approach enhances the quality and relevance of solutions provided to clients, setting the stage for operational excellence.

Optimizing productivity and delivering value through outsourcing research

Achieving the right balance between showcasing capability and capacity is crucial for consulting firms looking to consistently deliver value and quality. Offloading non-core R&I tasks emerges as a strategic move, allowing consulting firms to invest time and effort in strategizing for productivity enhancements. This strategic shift not only optimizes productivity but also highlights the realized value to clients, emphasizing measurable impact.

Collaborating with a specialized research and insights partner

As the proportion of businesses planning to redistribute work to external service providers rises, collaborating with a specialized research and insights partner becomes instrumental for consulting firms. Savvy players will need a one-stop solution provider, offering a comprehensive range of capabilities, including effective sector experts, in-house research, data analytics, and thought leadership support.

Why Netscribes?

  • We serve as an extended arm, delivering optimal value to global businesses through effective sector expertise, in-house research capabilities, and end-to-end thought leadership support.
  • The plug-and-play model, flexible engagement structure, and robust quality control mechanism contribute to a consistent 4.6 CSAT score.
  • Our work makes us a reliable partner for consulting firms aiming to unlock operational excellence through research and insights outsourcing.

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Outsourcing research allows businesses to tap into external expertise, gaining diverse perspectives and innovative insights for strategic growth.

Strategic benefits include accelerated innovation, enhanced operational efficiency, and gaining a competitive edge through access to specialized skills and resources.

By leveraging external perspectives and expertise, outsourcing research fosters a culture of innovation, driving new ideas and approaches that may not be available within the internal team.

Various research domains, including market research, competitive analysis, and industry trends, can be outsourced to fuel informed decision-making and foster growth strategies.

Outsourcing research streamlines processes, allowing businesses to focus on core competencies while external experts handle the research aspects, leading to enhanced efficiency.

Yes, outsourcing research often proves cost-effective as it eliminates the need for investing in internal resources, infrastructure, and training, offering a more scalable and flexible solution.

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