Get a comprehensive view of the state of blockchain integration across
industries and discover solutions that bestow real value

Blockchain has opened up an entire new class of business models for shared data. Netscribes predicts that the market for blockchain solutions will be worth $14 billion by 2022. It’s no surprise that we are seeing early innovations driving adoption across industry verticals. How much is hype and what will deliver real business value? Find out as we dissect emerging blockchain companies, solutions and applications beyond cryptocurrency to provide insight into how they can be used and their potential impact across industries.

Netscribes’ blockchain subscription gives you unbiased research and analysis on thousands of emerging companies, platforms and applications driving the technology’s future. Based on a combination of market, patent and technology research, we benchmark available solutions, assess underlying technology stacks, and reveal their commercialization potential for maximizing returns from your blockchain investments.

Key topics covered

blockchain in healthcare

Blockchain in healthcare

The incredible amount of innovation going on in healthcare-specific blockchain applications has set various segments up for disruption – from medical record management to drug development. Find out the present and forecasted state of blockchain adoption, disruptive trends and startups, and companies leading the charge across various healthcare segments.

blockchain in food

Blockchain in food

Food security and supply chain are of paramount importance with population explosion stretching their limits. Find out how blockchain technology will address existing problems, be implemented and positively impact each segment of the value chain, including farmers, traders, suppliers, distributors and retailers.

impact of blockchain

Impact of blockchain on industry 4.0

As blockchain continues to evolve and converge with AI, IoT and big data, the possibilities of smart factories are expanding. We provide a lowdown on the most exciting innovations in this space and what collaborative opportunities exist for driving organic and inorganic growth.

investment and M&A trends

Investment and M&A trends

Learn about the investments, mergers and acquisitions that matter most across industries, technologies and geographies; the underlying strategy and impact of those alliances.

blockchain in automotive

Blockchain in automotive

Blockchain, together with other digital technologies, is set to disrupt traditional business models in the automotive value chain. Get a 360-degree view of the state of blockchain integration in the automotive industry and what lies on the horizon.

blockchain as a service

Blockchain-as-a-service and cloud services

BaaS providers play a critical role in building and hosting blockchain platforms on the cloud. Find out the most agile BaaS providers and how their offerings compare in terms of scalability, diversity and flexibility.

What you will learn

Disruptive trends in the blockchain industry for the next 5 to 10 years

Technology developments that will drive its evolution

Future technology applications based on patents, innovation and market needs

Growth strategies for entering new application areas

R&D activities and roadmaps of leading companies across blockchain segments

Lifecycle analysis of startups across blockchain segments

Potential collaboration opportunities

Deal characteristics and strategic motives driving M&A

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