Explore key emerging AI technologies and their applications
across major industries

The rising need for automation and high-performance and efficiency is causing organizations to explore new frontiers in AI. Most AI implementations today deal with deriving insights from humongous amounts of data and automating repetitive tasks. But that’s just scratching the surface.

Together with technologies like IoT, 5G and robotics, modern AI is enabling intelligent solutions that can comprehend complex scenarios in dynamic environments and autonomously perform tasks with high productivity and reliability.

Our Artificial Intelligence reports will help you ride on emerging AI trends by offering a holistic analysis of current market challenges, competitive landscape, startup ecosystem, patent landscape, M&A trends and other strategic information. By subscribing to our AI reports, you get access to exclusive research and analysis on emerging AI use-cases, innovation and R&D, advancements in machine learning and deep-learning solutions, AI-driven environmental solutions, and AI investment trends across industries. Each report is designed to help you understand key market trends and make strategic decisions on organic or inorganic adoption of AI-driven business models.

Key topics covered

blockchain in healthcare

Neuromorphic Chips

The concept of emulating neurons on a chip could enhance complex operations to make business decisions secure and cost-effective. Find out how neuromorphic chips will transform IoT, Automotive, Finance, Cyber-security, Aerospace, and Medical systems through an in-depth analysis of ongoing projects and patent information.

ai in telecom

AI in Telecom

Achieving network automation requires that telecom companies acquire key AI capabilities and re-envision existing business models. Learn from early adopters in the telecom industry as we analyze their strategic initiatives, including M&A, technology investments, and routes to market.

impact of blockchain

Reinforcement Learning

The core concept of agent-based training in reinforcement learning algorithms is a key requirement for enabling future applications in dynamic environments. Learn about the key startups that are innovating in this AI segment to achieve full-autonomy in diversified applications across sectors.

investment and M&A trends

AI in Automotive

Different participants in the automotive ecosystem (Automakers/AutoSupplier) and even non-auto companies are strategically acquiring AI and machine learning capabilities to prepare for the era of autonomous vehicles. Find out the key strategic and technology drivers behind the acquisitions and the impact of these deals through our comprehensive M&A trend analysis.

What you will learn

Disruptive trends in the AI industry for the next 5 to 10 years

Technology developments that will drive its evolution

Future technology applications based on patents, innovation and market needs

Growth strategies for entering new application areas

R&D activities and roadmaps of leading companies across AI segments

Lifecycle analysis of startups across AI segments

Potential collaboration opportunities

Deal characteristics and strategic motives driving M&A

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