5G is broadening horizons of connectivity and automation.
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The impending launch of 5G has kick-started innovation across the telecommunications industry. As enterprises and innovators across the globe gear up for the next-generation mobile network, catching the next wave of technology requirements, solutions, and business landscape early-on will be crucial to capitalizing on the 5G opportunity.

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Key topics covered

5G for Enterprise Applications

5G for Enterprise Applications

Get a comprehensive view of the B2B enterprise telecom competitive landscape and potential market opportunities for global operators. See the maturity levels of companies in the 5G enterprise value-chain; including 5G RAN providers, 5GC incumbents, 5GC specialized companies, spectrum access system providers, neutral host providers, and 5G SD-WAN companies.

5G Enabled PCs

5G-Enabled PCs

Find out the top manufacturers of 5G-enabled PCs and how they stack up and understand the technical barriers and market landscape for 5G-enabled PCs.

The 5G impact

The 5G impact

5G technology is a significant step forward in wireless communications, enabling high speed, low-latency and multi-connectivity capabilities. This has a direct consequence on power consumption, processing power, coverage, and capacity, all of which are major factors impacting IoT network expansion.

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