Netscribes Intelligent Workflow Tool

netscribes intelligence workflow tool

Investing in human-technology collaboration can not only streamline enterprise operations, but also lead to effective and positive results.

With Netscribes’ Intelligent Workflow Tool, managing data is effortless. Our no-code tool introduces an intelligent quality check system as well as automated agent tracking to facilitate human-in-the-loop processes.

A no-code workflow platform for
technology-driven process enrichment

workflow designing

Workflow designing

template customization

Template customization

automated batch

Automated batch management

intelligent QC

Intelligent QC

delivery automation

Delivery automation

agent and task analytics

Agent and task analytics

Our process

Define template

define template

Create project as per required business process

Task processing

task processing

Process the batch records



Review the records processed by agent



Export the processed data output file

The Netscribes advantage

NS Data Collector

Automated Scripts are used to collect data from different web sources which are then aggregated, cleaned, structured, and prepared for further processing.

Data Collection


cleaning and structuring

Cleaning &


NS Workflow Platform

NS Intelligent Workflow Tool is used to perform the human-assisted task of data moderation, enrichment, and packaging before successfully delivering to the client.

moderation and enrichment

Moderation &



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Netscribes Lead Gen Survey Tool

netscribes lead gen survey

Customers are the most important asset of any business. What better way to understand their needs than to hear directly from them?

With Netscribes’ Lead Gen Survey Tool, showcase customized, quick, and result-oriented surveys that help you listen to only the most pressing needs of your customers. Our no-code lead generation platform generates short, relevant questions that can help your prospective leads gauge their position in the market. Using the lead information you gather, you can help them inform business decisions.

Gather and act on crucial lead data with an easy-to-navigate no-code survey tool

lead generation and segmentation

Lead generation and segmentation

identification of most qualified leads

Identification of most qualified leads

customer rank tracking

Customer rank tracking

customer safety and satisfaction

Customer safety and satisfaction monitoring

Our process

product detail page

Assign scores to each question and categorize them

product detail page

Create a survey link to enable shareability across social channels

analyze price

Ensure that auto-generated reports are sent to respondents

collect data

Store relevant lead data on CRM / marketing automation platform

Our digital-first products can help you personalize your offerings en masse.

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