• How do I apply for a position I have seen on the website?
  • I know where I would like to work, but can't see any way to apply for a role on your website; can I send my CV/resume instead?
  • What should I do if I have a disability that may affect my performance at any stage of the recruitment process?
  • Will you contact me regarding the status of my application?
  • If I was referred for a specific position and was not hired, will you consider my resume for other opportunities?
  • Do you have an upper age limit for applicants?
  • Will you contact my current or previous employers or attempt to gather any other information about me once I submit my resume?
  • How do I know my personal information is secure?
  • How is performance measured at NS?
  • What is the career path at Netscribes?
  • Will I have opportunities for training and development after I am hired?
  • I was contacted by an organization or individual claiming to act on behalf of Netscribes. Is this legitimate?
  • I still have questions. May I talk to someone?

Apply directly for the position you are interested in from our current listings. Please make sure you qualify for the role before applying. It is okay to apply for positions in multiple offices, but such applications will not increase your chances of selection (and will likely raise a red flag within the recruiting team). You will see an ‘Apply Now’ option for each position, on the Opportunities page, once you expand it. This option can be found on the Internship page as well. Once you click on this option, a pop-up form will open, where you can fill your details that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

At the end of Opportunities page you can find a form where you can fill in the necessary details and submit your resume for any other opportunities not listed on the page.

Please let us know prior to any assessment event what assistance you may need during the recruitment process. We will work with you to make sure it's put in place.

We regret that we can’t reply personally to each submission. We will review and share your submission with the concerned people at the recruitment team at Netscribes. If there's an immediate match between your talents and our needs, we will contact you directly within four weeks. If you do not hear from us within that time, please assume that we do not have an appropriate opportunity at this point, but will certainly keep your talents in mind and your qualifications on file for any appropriate openings which may develop in the future.

We will re-consider your resume, based on the recruitment team’s understanding and your suitability for other openings in the organization.

No, there are no restrictions for age apart from cases where the applicants are past the retirement age for employees in this organization. Exceptions can be discussed with the recruitment team.

We will not contact your current or past employers, nor attempt to gather additional information about you, without your authorization - which comes at a later stage in the recruitment process.

Netscribes takes your privacy very seriously. When you browse and/or apply for jobs on the Careers portion of our Website, your application and any additional information you provide may be used to assess your skills and interests against career opportunities at Netscribes. We use your information to communicate with you and inform you of your career opportunities. Entities acting on behalf of Netscribes with which we share your information will be bound by terms of confidentiality and this privacy policy.

It is about constant communication between the manager and employee on what needs to be done, how it needs to be done and what could be done better. This enables a transparent and open culture that helps the individual and the organization to constantly raise the performance bar. The Performance Management System at Netscribes has been designed keeping in mind the organizational and business context, the different Lines of Business that the organization is involved in, the competitive edge required to excel in the dynamic environment and the roles and responsibilities assumed by the employees.

The career path at Netscribes is as follows: Associate → Senior Associate → Assistant Manager → Manager → Senior Manager →Associate Vice President → Vice President → Senior Vice President

Netscribes operates in a competitive research space where highly motivated and trained manpower is its key strength. In order to retain the competitive edge vis-à-vis its competition (both present and future) we have a comprehensive training policy in place in tandem with a comprehensive selection process.

We are aware of some incidents whereby certain organizations or individuals, claiming to act on behalf of Netscribes, have contacted potential job seekers or candidates and made false offers or promises of employment with Netscribes. These false offers or promises of employment have also involved requests to the potential job seekers or candidates for payment of money against ‘fees’ on account of placement fee, application fee, caution deposit, etc. Please note that Netscribes does not, under any circumstances, require money or payment from applicants during the recruitment process. Any such false job or employment related communications, whether requiring payment of money or not, that appear to originate from Netscribes are unauthorized and fraudulent in nature. These could originate from fictitious or misleading email addresses, sites, portals or online social or professional networking sites. Such false or fraudulent communications may also be printed on forged Netscribes letterheads and stationery, refer to Netscribes’ office address or be copied to a Netscribes’ email ID. You are advised not to respond to such fraudulent and unauthorized communications or offers from such persons. You are also advised to notify us of any such incidents. If you are the victim of such fraudulent offers or promises of employment, please report it and file a complaint with the relevant police authorities. Netscribes will provide all reasonable cooperation, as required by you or the police authorities, in pursuance of your complaint.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applicants we cannot give informational interviews. If you have a specific question that isn’t answered above, please send an email to careers@netscribes.com. Please do not email other people from our Contacts page for any recruitment opportunities or queries.

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