Top needs of Indian expats based on their online search behavior

expats online search behavior

The United States is the third most popular destination for Indian expatriates worldwide. They’re also among the most educated and high-earning ethnic groups in the US, which makes them an attractive target audience for a variety of services and products. However, reaching and communicating directly to the needs of expatriates can be tricky, as their habits, traditions, and beliefs can vary significantly from local citizens.

As with most consumers today, Indian expats are digitally-savvy and are influenced by the information they consume online. To identify how advertisers and digital marketers can best target this consumer segment, Netscribes analyzed the online behavior of 220 Indian expats in the US, including highly skilled professionals and students. We discuss our findings from the report.

What are Indian expats searching for online?
Based on our primary and secondary research, we found that employment was the top most-searched category, followed by academic information search.

expat online behavior

Which websites do Indian expats visit when searching for information?

Knowing which sites your target audience visits can help you reach and communicate to them more effectively. We found that LinkedIn was the most popular website for information searches, followed by YouTube.

expat website visits

Analyzing the online search behavior can provide deep insights into the challenges faced by expatriates and help marketers refine their marketing and communication strategies accordingly. If you’re looking to gaining deeper insights about expatriate groups in specific regions, we can help. Speak to us today.

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