How consumer electronics e-commerce is getting a technological makeover

consumer electronics e-commerce

Covid-19 has made online experiences the see-all, imagine-all, know-all for an array of consumer products under the sun. Product videos that used to be nice-to-haves have suddenly become deal-breakers. Fast and intuitive experiences packed with need-based, bite-sized information are what shoppers now expect as a given. We live in a time when brands no longer compete solely on price, features, and functionalities. When a brand switch could be just a few finger strokes away, keeping your prospects captivated is crucial.

This is especially important in the consumer electronics e-commerce space. In the US alone, consumer electronics was expected to claim 22% of the e-commerce market share in 2020, which though may seem unimpressive, actually translates to over USD 156 billion. While buying electronics online is not new, the pandemic has compelled people to shop for categories they never imagined of before. Catering to such evolving needs, a slew of consumer electronics brands have braced the challenge of crafting exceptional online experiences based on the new table stakes. Here’s a line-up of the seven most stunning consumer electronics websites and what makes them truly a notch above the rest:

1. Sonos

Sonos is a reputed name in the wireless sound and home theatre realm. Its minimalistic, bold, and intuitive theme is a reflection of a clear understanding of its target segment. Large imagery with constant color breaks across its monochromatic theme, illustrated product attributes and hidden menus together work up the brand’s value. The menu showcases speakers for different environments and setups, sprinkled with animated visuals and unmissable CTAs, mostly within the upper and lower folds. Shop, Learn, and Support are the only three options that entail its main menu – making it incredibly easy for visitors to navigate based on their purchase intent. A round-the-clock chat support allows customers to get common queries answered in real-time on this consumer electronics e-commerce platform.    

2. Moon

Although a single product website, there’s a lot to learn from the seamless storytelling of Moon – a mobile lighting device that won the best invention award 2020 by Time magazine. Its dark mode theme elevates the product almost instantly. A collage of its user-generated content as social proof combined with popular names under press coverages act as authentic conversion catalysts in the customer journey. For prospects on the fence, a range of brilliant how-to product videos in the Support section aid in making confident purchase choices. 

consumer electronics e-commerce

3. Skullcandy

For brands that aim to crank up the experience a few notches above their rivals, Skullcandy serves as a ready reckoner. Their stunning product shots make it hard to scroll past. Each of them is coupled with a catchy tagline, making them easily memorable. Plus, this consumer electronics e-commerce site has roped in stunning models and emerging artists based on the personality and style of their audio offerings. All this goes on to build solid brand credibility and gives customers an identity that resonates with them. They even showcase well-indexed product videos, reflecting how they value the time visitors spend on their website. Plus, their sticky CTAs minimizes the chances of a second thought on purchase decisions.  

consumer electronics e-commerce

4. Apple

While this brand requires no introduction, let’s skip to the aspects that make it truly unique. Apple’s online store offers customers an extremely seamless upgrade experience. From providing trade-in estimates upfront, an exhaustive FAQ section answering common qualms, to displaying shipping options and more, the brand helps existing owners move up the ranks or recycle their device in a jiffy. Knowing its users are sophisticated, yet seek value for every dollar, the brand showcases its best offers on the home page inducing impulse buys. What’s worth noting is their use of automatic cascades, to reduce scrolling through customizations on their product pages. It’s little things like these that make visitors feel like royalty.

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5. Decibullz

Many brands now use the first fold of their websites to make a strong, convincing proposition using a product-lifestyle video. And for Decibullz it seems to be working immensely well, given its product novelty. The firm is a manufacturer of audio earbuds that are thermo-fit and pliable. Being a unique offering, the website provides an in-depth view of the product in action via videos, while proactively segmenting information based on the buyer needs its variants are designed for. Sporty, rugged lifestyle visuals fortified by testimonials and a blog that explains the science behind its innovation, all serve as engaging information for the potential buyer.

6. Fitbit

If you have a creative product it’s important to build a consistent buzz around it. That’s exactly what Fitbit is doing with its website. The homepage hosts three simple navigations. Products talk about their line up, technology about the intelligence behind it along with multiple health metrics. Motivation is truly the incentive driving this brand. Fitbit has nurtured a brimming community of fitness enthusiasts through fun challenges, leaderboards, forums, and wellness tips shared by renowned experts. Initiatives like these help turn customers into active advocates if not repeat buyers, giving ample reason to come back and engage with your brand.

7. Precision Camera

Improving quality of key purchase-influencers online

No one likes regretting a purchase, especially on big-ticket consumer electronic items. The average tech shopper uses more than 14 sources of information to arrive at their decision. Customers know that wise choices come with days or sometimes weeks of research and probing around. However, since they lack the time and necessary acumen to understand what qualifies as quality or best-in-class in a particular category, unbiased shopping assistance is greatly valued.

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The past year has been one of the most opportunistic periods for consumer electronic brands, and the spotlight followed those who were digitally-prepped. For players still pulling their strings together, staying abreast with disruptive market and technology trends, and evolving shopper needs will be crucial in gaining lost momentum. To know more about how Netscribes is enabling businesses to meet the demands of the rapidly-evolving e-commerce space, contact us today.

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