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Global fast food chain sharpens menu appeal with consumer perception analysis

Global fast food chain sharpens menu appeal with consumer perception analysis


The client wanted to undertake a consumer perception analysis to assess the feasibility of launching a chicken-based menu in many of its restaurants in Europe. They were keen on identifying, analyzing, and improving its product offerings in terms of pricing, value, quantity, taste, communication, and packaging.

Solution and approach

Netscribes conducted 300 face-to-face quantitative surveys in three restaurants, two in France and one in Spain. Based on the results from the questionnaires, Netscribes prepared comprehensive reports that provided crucial insights into how to make the new menu popular among the client’s customers. Understanding the consumer perception of those who were familiar with the restaurant was the focus.

  • 60% of respondents were male while 40% were female. Respondents were equally distributed throughout the four defined age groups (16-24 years, 25-34 years, 35-49 years, and 50+ years).
  • One of half of the survey was completed after tasting chicken products dipped in sauce. Of these, one half of the
    questionnaires were completed during lunch hours and the other half were conducted during dinner.
  • Other questionnaires were administered after tasting chicken products coated with sauce. Again, half of them were
    completed during lunch hours and the other half during dinner.

Snapshot of the results:

  • Respondents had no special preference regarding the best part of the day to eat chicken but mostly chose to eat with
    friends or family.
  • Netscribes identified the client’s key competitors based on market share.
  • From a variety of products offered during degustation, respondents were mostly interested in chicken croqs followed by chicken wings. The former was the preferred choice among male and female customers across all four age groups.
  • Sauce preferences were identified for different varieties of chicken-based items on the menu.
  • Sauce preferences by gender were also identified, along with satisfaction levels surrounding product quantity, temperature of the chicken, quantity of the sauce, pricing, and other details.
  • Overall, nearly two-thirds of respondents thought that the client should include chicken on their menu.

Results delivered

The study equipped the client with:

  • Strategic insights on ways to make the menu more popular amongst their customers
  • Customer perceptions on multiple experiential touchpoints – quantity, taste, likeability, etc
  • Consumer demographics – understanding what kind of segments/ consumer groups enjoy the restaurant’s offerings
  • Identification and analysis of the restaurant’s most popular chicken products, shedding light on favored menu items
  • Assessment of consumer awareness regarding chicken offers and an understanding of how the brand is perceived in connection with these offerings


The in-depth consumer perception analysis report provided a clear understanding of how
customers perceive and like chicken-based products. Netscribes’ strategic insights served as
a helpful guide for the fast-food chain mammoth to enhance its new menu’s appeal among
Europe’s restaurant-goers.

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