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automated product content audit platform

For brands and retailers looking to win in a hyper-competitive e-commerce space, ensuring quality product content is critical. But as product assortments expand, creating error-free, accurate, and customer-centric product catalogs can be a real challenge. To address these concerns, we’ve developed an intelligent product content audit platform that minimizes quality assurance effort by automating certain aspects of your copy edit process. Here’s a detailed explanation of how it works.

Ensure style-guide compliance

Every company has a unique style guide for their online product content. Our platform inspects the content closely to highlight anomalies and ensure complete adherence to your style guide. This includes spelling and punctuation errors, incorrect text-case or sentence construction, spacing issues, special characters, among others. The platform also helps companies keep their product content compliant by highlighting abusive/banned words in the copy.

Based on differential (or dependent) rules fed into the system, it can retain, modify, or remove certain values or information. These rules act as automated validation checks and no SKU is approved without going through them. Note that these automated rules can be modified and updated according to new guidelines at any point in time.

Automated content QA platform

Deep-rule customizations for maintaining product data consistency

Our content audit platform can run a host of rules for performing data validations and consistency checks, selecting apt business process paths, and computing values. It offers tremendous flexibility for creating intuitive rules – from broad category-level exceptions to SKU-specific exclusions, among others. In case of any discrepancies in the product content, issues can be flagged to a team of QC experts which takes the final decision.

Furthermore, this platform can be customized to effectively automate a slew of other business processes, such as insurance rating and underwriting, loan eligibility and credit scoring, to scheduling and routing packaged deliveries, transport fare calculation, and much more.

Eliminate missing, plagiarised content

Repetitive or missing content can come in the way of a good shopping experience, while plagiarised content can hurt your search ranking. Manually identifying such instances for millions of SKUs can be expensive and time-consuming. To make things easier, our content audit platform automatically identifies such content issues, allowing experts to replace it with unique and complete product information.

Real-time progress report

Our platform allows you to see the content being reviewed in real-time. This means that QC teams don’t have to wait for an entire batch of SKUs to be processed to make their changes, thus shortening the feedback cycle.

How it works

Netscribes’ automated product content audit platform works on a distributed application model, with a common rules database running on in-memory databases like Redis, for maximum speed and agility. Developed on a Python-based architecture, it works on all major operating systems. It’s hosted on the cloud, allowing access from anywhere, with consistent speed, performance, and minimal downtime.

Netscribes-Automated content QA platform

How Netscribes’ automated product content audit platform can improve your QA process:

  • Automation helps identify and fix inaccuracies and guideline discrepancies with minimal human effort and cost
  • By slashing down instances of rework due to manual errors, it optimizes resource utilization
  • Increases ROI from product content

Netscribes’ automated product content audit platform is helping e-commerce teams maintain quick release cycles with an average quality score of 95%. Given the sheer volume of product data that they work with, it’s an easy and cost-effective solution to ensure that their content quality is never compromised.

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