5 essential tips to boost your online sales this holiday season

Online sales Holiday season

With the holiday season just around the corner, shoppers are already on the hunt for the best offers available on the internet. It is also an opportunity-goldmine for marketers to create content that will captivate shoppers and tempt them to probe deeper about product details. Other than pricing, discounts, and delivery time, quality product content is a pivotal catalyst in influencing customers’ purchase decisions. Research shows that consumers consider products descriptions a ‘very important’ factor before making a purchase decision. In fact, a study conducted by Nielsen Norman Group has shown that 20% purchase failures are a result of incomplete or poorly-written product descriptions.

With so much at stake, providing a content experience that customers expect is paramount for your brand. Especially since holiday season sales account for over 20% of annual sales of most e-commerce websites. To help you make the most of this peak shopping season, we’ve outlined five important aspects to include in your holiday marketing strategy.

1. Be seen on important online marketplaces and retail channels

Third-party online channels, including marketplaces and retailer websites, tend to attract a bulk of traffic. Ensure that your products are listed on these channels to maximize your holiday season sales. As the templates for listing products vary across most channels, tailoring product detail pages in accordance with a channel’s rules can be quite time-consuming. Doing it manually can lead to high opportunity and running costs.

By partnering with online cataloging solution providers, brand manufacturers can step up their e-commerce game by delivering content that meet the specific requirements of key channels. Companies like Netscribes validate, enrich and customize product data for various online channels using automated tools to help you onboard products faster and more efficiently.

2. Ensure content hygiene

Low quality and inaccurate content, including incorrect data or content with grammatical and spelling errors can seriously deteriorate your brand value. Moreover, this can adversely affect your product rankings leading to lost sales and revenue.

A thorough quality-check of your product content to eliminate inaccuracies is vital for a smooth customer experience and to maintain your brand value online. Netscribes transforms manual time-consuming quality assurance effort into a more automated and streamlined process. Using automated tools and human expertise, we identify and fix inaccuracies and guideline discrepancies, effectively minimizing time-to-market and cost.

3. Enhance product detail

To ensure that your products stand out from the competition, you need to provide more than just bare-minimum product information. This means adding all the possible information about the products that customers care about on your product page. Here are some suggestions that will help you enrich your product content.

Product descriptions

While marketers might have deep product knowledge, often they fail to convey the same when it comes to speaking in the consumer’s voice. The result of this is often product content that is jargon-heavy and lacks crucial details which does little to spark the interest of shoppers.

To increase customer engagement, writing contextual product descriptions that includes feature bullets is crucial. Also, highlighting value-driven benefits that showcase your product’s unique competitive strengths will help differentiate them from the rest.


Images play a critical role in helping customers buy confidently. Include multiple images to help shoppers get a clear understanding of the product. Display various angles, lifestyle images that show the product in use, and use high-resolution images allow shoppers to see the product details when zoomed-in.

4. Use mobile-friendly content

With 53% of the e-commerce traffic driven by mobile devices, product content optimized for mobile viewing devices is vital for online success. That’s why brands must ensure that their product pages are responsive and load quickly on mobile devices.

Email marketing is common for attracting holiday season sales traffic to product pages. Short and crisp subject lines, concise, yet compelling pre-header texts, and mobile-friendly landing pages will help in increasing clicks-through-rates.

5. Incorporate social media in your marketing plan

With over 2.8 billion people being part of the social media landscape today, it has become an important channel for product discovery. So, it would be a huge loss for marketers if they do not integrate social media in their marketing strategy, especially around the holiday season.

Product promotion on social media is cost-effective and targets the right customers, increasing traffic remarkably. The amalgamation of the right visual aids and compelling content can make your marketing campaigns highly successful.

Incorporating these tips to improve your holiday season sales will help you capitalize on the opportunities at hand. Need product content support to increase your competitive edge this holiday season? We can help. Contact us today!

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