5 Major benefits of outsourcing your helpdesk

helpdesk outsourcing services

A helpdesk is a managed operations center that provides consistent, critical support to employees within an organization or, in some cases, to their customers. Employing helpdesk outsourcing services has several benefits for your company, including access to the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to improve inefficiencies. Let’s take a look at five of the key business benefits of outsourcing the helpdesk function. 

1. Cost-effective

The main advantage of outsourcing is access to lower-cost external suppliers. Many small businesses cannot afford the in-house support that larger companies provide. Your customer service partner oversees and does the outsourced work for you, so you don’t have to allocate more budget, manpower, infrastructure, or other resources to the helpdesk. Third-party vendors can manage IT support for multiple organizations, and they may have multiple technicians on call to solve problems on demand.

2. Increased flexibility

Helpdesk outsourcing services allow companies to address broader business issues while leaving operational details to external experts. By outsourcing IT services, organizations can start new projects faster. 
Companies use outsourced helpdesk services, such as call flow support, to provide technical assistance to customers when they use an organization’s website, make a purchase, or inquire about a service. As an organization grows, customer queries will also increase. By outsourcing your helpdesk, you can scale resources easily and quickly as demand increases.

3. Improves the productivity of in-house teams

Helpdesk outsourcing services enable your company to focus on its core competencies rather than dealing with complex IT issues. The result is a more focused organization. Similarly, outsourcing can aid smaller companies in growing by providing them with access to the same technologies and expertise as larger companies. 

Outsourcing providers assume and manage a large part of the risk associated with a lack of industry knowledge, security and compliance issues. They often see similar problems multiple times and solve problems based on experience. This leads to better handling of customer problems through reduced research, development, and implementation times.

Third-party service providers are also fully responsible for the recruitment and management of outsourced IT specialists as well as their day-to-day supervision and employee engagement. You can greatly reduce the pressure on your HR department by doing this.

4. High-quality support

Many outsourcing partners already have extensive experience designing, creating, and maintaining helpdesk frameworks and processes over time. Outsourcing reduces the complexity of the business by eliminating the need to set up an in-house helpdesk.

The ideal help desk partners increase end-user satisfaction and productivity by providing turn-key solutions such as:

  • A service catalog that is aligned with business requirements and has clearly defined support levels.
  • Flexible customer interfaces that allow end-users to contact support in numerous ways.
  • Forecasting demand with predictive powers.
  • Support for remote access.
  • Databases for asset and configuration management.

Service desks that are process-driven rather than people-driven are the best-outsourced providers. Even if a team member is absent for a few days, holistic documentation and repeatable processes ensure continuous, consistent, and critical support at all times.

5. Provide 24/7 availability

Companies can provide 24/7 support through outsourced IT help desks and support services. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from partnerships with third-party providers that offer helpdesk support so that they can access additional resources beyond the resources that are available internally. This allows you to provide responsive help around the clock via IT helpdesk services, improving response times, customer loyalty, and your organization’s reputation.

A reputable IT service provider who works with the vision of your company and the current IT infrastructure gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to offering the best possible services at a price to the best possible users. 

With technology being so important to business growth, a well-managed service desk has become a necessity. A remarkable 95% of companies that have already employed helpdesk outsourcing services, and want to expand or maintain their quality of service. With the post-COVID era putting immense pressure on CIOs to innovate quicker, outsourcing can free up internal IT bandwidth to focus on what matters most to your business while guaranteeing the flawless functioning of essential business activities.

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