Product data enrichment: all you need to know

E-commerce product enrichment

Product content enrichment is the method of crafting comprehensive products with the help of consumer-centric features. Enrichment is nothing but adding value and enhancing existing product content.

Ingenious e-commerce entrepreneurs use this approach for their e-commerce websites to enrich their product attributes and improve user experience. This method comprises the use of specifications, text, images, and other product-related information showcased in a way that brings out the best USPs (user-selling points) of the product.

Savvy e-commerce players know how to make the most of every inch of their website in a way that’s both visually and textually impactful for their customers. Ensuring e-commerce product data enrichment can make your product easily findable and compel impulse conversions on your website.

Customers today want to receive high-quality information promptly; failing to do so might result in abandoned carts and decreased website revisits. E-commerce businesses must review their search methodologies and address issues that impact visibility, quality traffic, FAQs, return policies, and more if they want to guarantee successful conversions.

Benefits of ecommerce product data enrichment

You may be applying the best strategy but is it working for your e-commerce website? Knowing what you can expect from a strategic e-commerce product data enrichment plan can help shape your strategy in the right direction.

Reduce counterfeit sales

E-commerce leaders are under intense pressure to make sure that no unacceptable goods are distributed through their platforms. Nike and Adidas are moving away from online marketplaces that let vendors sell counterfeit or imitation goods.

With product enrichment, online retailers can quickly recognize real products, tag them with the appropriate tag, and show only authentic products in onsite search engine results.

Additionally, when utilizing photos for descriptions, several other international criteria must adhere to image quality, brand representation, and use of the brand logo.

Enriching your product content ensures that it conveys the product’s features and benefits in clear language and attractive visuals, thus, improving its conversion rate.      

Improved SERPs visibility

If your product catalog is packed with keyword-rich product descriptions throughout and has the necessary tags, search engines can sift and rank your products higher.           

Search engines like Google and Bing focus on how well the content meets search intent. Enriched product content helps meet this need.

Source: SEOability 

These engines prioritize relevant products in search results by using attribute values, alt tags, and other pertinent information like user-generated content (UGC). Conducting a content enrichment exercise allows marketplaces to fix these gaps thereby improving their search engine rankings.

Identify product content gaps

E-commerce product data enrichment provides a useful chance to spot patterns and fix them. These patterns frequently have errors or information gaps as their causes. With the aid of expert catalog enrichment services, e-commerce marketplaces can eliminate any such issues.

In order to enrich the product catalog, the analytics team provides a list of items; professionals can then search the entire catalog and correct any errors.           

This error-free catalog allows your potential audience to know your product better and make a quick purchase decision which drives your conversions seamlessly. Besides, they do not have to view multiple pages to know product attributes as they obtain all the necessary information in one place.

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Better product recommendations

A clear and concise e-commerce product data enrichment leads to better product recommendations on your e-commerce website. For instance, if you have an apparel e-commerce website and a potential customer is looking for a velvet black coat, then your website recommends black coats in this specific fabric.

This way, they don’t have to make several mindless scrolls to find the right product, instead quickly tap on the one they like, the product description will guide them to make their decision and soon they are making their payment

With such sophisticated usage of product recommendations, Amazon can generate 35% of its revenue. It can also be used successfully by other markets to offer simpler product up-selling and comparison opportunities.

Better cross-selling and up-selling

Generally, a user who purchases a new phone will also require a mobile case, earbuds, or screen protector; these goods can be wisely suggested with the aid of attribute value.

With product enrichment, product labels are more accurate, allowing the cross-selling or up-selling of more or other products.

Source: TechTarget

With a pool of e-commerce alternative brands, niche businesses need to concentrate on quality content to stand out of the clutter. Besides, it gives your customers an insight that you value their time and efforts and want to offer an effortless purchase journey.

With e-commerce competition fiercer than ever, it has become imperative for online brands and retailers to ensure their product catalogs are constantly enriched to meet evolving shopper information needs and drive confident conversions. Need help making this a reality for your e-commerce business? With over two decades of e-commerce expertise Netscribes can help you lead the pack with bespoke product enrichment solutions. Contact us.

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