Coronavirus business continuity planning: How outsourcing can help

coronavirus business continuity planning

Pandemics such as the coronavirus can lead to an unforeseen disruption of business operations. Several parts of the world are under complete lockdown. As cases of infected individuals surge rapidly, businesses are faced with increased risk of crisis and challenges in managing day-to-day operations. Enforcing a robust business continuity plan is key to survive through these tough times and emerge stronger in the post-coronavirus world.

Enabling more staff to work remotely is imperative to safeguarding employees and clients during a pandemic. However, not all firms are equipped to handle large volumes of remote work. Reasons can range from the lack of laptops and essential software to bandwidth issues and inadequate technical capabilities to resolve them. As such, outsourcing certain non-core activities can reduce the burden on your business and help you remain agile.

How can outsourcing help maintain business continuity during a pandemic?

  1. Reduce strain on your employees: High employee absenteeism during pandemics can put a lot of pressure on your business to deliver in a smooth manner. This can result in greater delays, errors and, ultimately, customer dissatisfaction. Sharing the workload with a professional third-party agency will keep your business running smoothly without compromising on quality.
  2. Optimize remote infrastructure: As more employees connect to corporate PCs remotely, users can face bandwidth and latency issues with increased traffic. Business leaders should assess which processes can be outsourced to prevent network congestions. This will help optimize existing resources and ensure that critical processes remain uninterrupted.
  3. Buys time for managing contingencies:  It’s not uncommon for businesses to face unforeseen challenges during a pandemic. There will be new infrastructure requirements, several clients to follow up with, support services that will need to be deployed. All of this translates into business leaders having lesser time to manage regular activities. Outsourcing allows businesses to manage such contingencies without affecting overall productivity.
  4. Reduce costs: As revenues take a hit, organizations need to reduce costs to keep afloat. Outsourcing can be a viable solution for businesses to cut costs on low-risk functions. Additionally, organizations that do not have the infrastructure to support telework or work-from-home can keep operations running at lower costs.

How can Netscribes help?

Netscribes has greater capacity and specialization to deliver quality service at lower costs to help your business navigate through this pandemic. Here’s how we can help:

Information management: We help firms to gather, standardize, validate and update key data and information for various business needs. Whether you need to build or update proprietary databases for your marketing team or fill information gaps for your SaaS product, we have the right expertise, tools and talent to support you.

Research and analysis: Need research on a specific industry or market? We deliver high-quality market, consumer and technological research and insights through multiple research capabilities. We specialize in quantitative and qualitative research, desk research, IP research and social media research, which allows us to provide reliable and well-rounded insights for varied business needs.

Marketing communications: Need to update your website? Refresh your marketing and sales collateral? Or build compelling thought leadership content? We can help.

Hundreds of companies trust Netscribes to optimize business agility and reduce costs in the face of business uncertainties. To speak to one of our consultants, contact

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