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Enterprise Mobility and PCR Market Assessment

Enterprise Mobility and PCR Market Assessment

Gaining a thorough understanding before leaping into a new market is crucial to any business’ success and enduring stability.


A leading multinational telecommunications company wanted to determine the potential that Malaysia offered across two important markets: enterprise mobility market and the professional and commercial two-way radio (PCR) market. It knew that without a robust market assessment and competitor analysis, achieving sizeable market share and penetration would be impossible.


A leading multinational telecommunications company sought to gauge the length and breadth of two key markets: enterprise mobility market and the professional and commercial two-way radio (PCR) market in Malaysia. The aim of the study was to achieve a holistic view of the business opportunities and competitive landscape, adoption, penetration rate, market size, and installed base of both technologies.

Approach and Solution

Through a combination of primary research and secondary research initiatives, Netscribes assessed the current market scenario to draw up potential opportunities across both, the enterprise mobility and PCR markets.

Secondary Research:
The team undertook secondary research at various levels analysing sources such as competitor websites, industry and government publications, news publications and other articles. These efforts helped in:

  • Gaining a panoramic market overview and a detailed understanding of the market economics
  • Building a primary contact list of respondents (firms, regions, etc.)
  • Develop a unique questionnaire for each market study

The data collected from secondary sources was used to create a framework within which further information was gathered through primary research.

Primary Research:
Next, the team employed primary research in order to fill in the data gaps that surfaced
during secondary research, as well as, to seek uncollated information points.

  • A total of 165 interviews were conducted with enterprise mobility users and 50 interviews with PCR users to gain a granular understanding and to evaluate the market size and share of key players
  • The interviews were either telephonic or face-to-face
  • Each interview, on average, lasted 25-30 minutes

Results Delivered

Netscribes shared two detailed reports with the client:

  • Market Analysis of Enterprise Mobility in Malaysia
      • Overview of Malaysian economy
      • Enterprise mobility market size
      • Adoption and penetration rate
      • Enterprise mobility market software
      • Competitive landscape
  • Market Analysis of Professional and Commercial Two Way Radio Market (PCR) in Malaysia
      • PCR market size
      • Adoption and penetration rate
      • Market opportunities in Malaysia
      • Competitive landscape


Equipped with our research insights and market assessment the client was able to gain an informed view of the market dynamics of both technologies and used it to develop and refine its ideal market-entry strategy.

Download this case study to find out why the client chose Netscribes as its research partner for its primary and secondary research needs and how the results helped them make concrete market-entry decisions.
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