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Innovation across emerging technologies is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. Staying informed about how these technologies evolve and converge is critical to finding your next source of differentiation and achieving innovation leadership. With each Technology Insights subscription, you’ll be able to understand the state of innovation in a technology area at a holistic level and recognize a stream of opportunities that can set you apart.

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What’s included?

Subscribing to one or more domains under Technology Insights unlocks access to all the research deliverables within that domain, which include:

Technology Analysis

Detailed overview of the technology sub-domain, including the latest breakthroughs and emerging trends, potential applications and challenges, competitive landscape, M&A activity, potential acquisition targets, key companies/entities working in that area, and the high-potential solutions under development.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence reports reveal the top emerging companies in the technology area you should watch for based on factors such as their product offering, technology sophistication, patent activity, partnerships, funding information, and outlook for the future.

Start-up Ecosystem Analysis/ Implementation

Start-up Ecosystem reports highlight the key organizations working in a technology sub-domain, their focus areas and capabilities, leadership team, investors, and more.

tech innovators

Tech Innovators and Disruptors

These reports focus on young, innovative companies with significant disruptive capabilities. Find out their background, how they operate, the level of threat they pose and opportunities for strategic collaboration/partnerships.

tech innovators

Industry Adoption Analysis

Industry Adoption Analysis reports provide critical information and insights into early adopters and innovators. Find out the innovative uses of a technology area, the impact of the adoption, as well as the changes it could trigger in the long-run.

Key benefits

  • Keep track of latest technology breakthroughs that aim to solve present and future problems
  • Understand critical challenges in implementing new technologies and ways to overcome them
  • Spot potentially disruptive entities, products, and IP in each technology space
  • Identify innovative and disruptive trends that can significantly impact the market landscape
  • Discover emerging trends shaped by early technology adopters

Domains covered

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

  • Semiconductors
  • Managed Services
  • Cloud
  • Smart Cities
  • 5G
  • UI
  • Edge Computing
  • Satellite
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

  • Hardware
  • Telecom
  • Semiconductor Chips
  • UI


  • RF Frontend
  • Telematics
  • Cloud Technologies


  • EV Charging
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Telematics
  • Sensing & AI

Our research

Based on extensive primary and secondary research, Business Insight research deliverables present an in-depth assessment of emerging technology markets and applications across geographies to help organizations understand, prepare for and navigate the impact of disruptive innovation. Our reports are backed by over 18 years of technology and market intelligence expertise and experience working with global business leaders.

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