Edge Computing:
M&A Trend Analysis

October 2019 | 62 pages

This report does a comprehensive analysis of the latest trends in edge computing

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What’s included:

The key trends and drivers of edge computing in the IoT ecosystem

The changes in the acquisition trend over the years in the edge computing space

The preferred route for companies looking for strategic acquisitions in the edge computing domain

A detailed look at modular data center solutions that are enabling entry for companies into the edge computing market

How target companies are leading the acquisition of different edge computing technologies in the US, Europe, Asia, and other regions

The different acquirers actively involved in the acquisition scenario and their technology capabilities

The post-acquisition scenarios for major deals and IP capabilities acquired

A look at untapped technology areas that can be potential targets in the future


Edge computing is redefining the cloud computing space. Companies are transforming their business models to attain edge computing capabilities necessary for offering end-to-end services. Emerging technologies like AI and neuromorphic computing are changing data processing and transforming decision making. Furthermore, the upcoming 5G networks are projected to fuel the expansion of edge infrastructure for high-speed communication.

An increasing number of mergers and acquisitions in the edge computing space for IoT services has propelled an increase in M&A activities. The report includes an analysis of approximately 60 deals, along with a detailed technology overview and the purpose of the acquisitions. The M&A analysis section offers a comprehensive view of various transactions around edge computing, covering different technology aspects, including data center, AI, cybersecurity, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), analytics, interoperability, multi-access edge computing (MEC), and others.

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1. Introduction

  • Rise of Edge Computing Solutions
  • Edge Computing Use Cases
  • Key Drivers of Edge Computing
  • Need to Invest in Edge Computing

2. Mergers and Acquisitions in Edge Computing

  • Trends between 2015-2019
  • Year wise Analysis
  • Geography Analysis
  • Acquirer Landscape
  • Technology Breakdown
    • Acquisition Trend #1 Data Center
    • Acquisition Trend #2 SD-WAN
    • Acquisition Trend #3 Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    • Acquisition Trend #4 Security
    • Acquisition Trend #5 Analytics
    • Acquisition Trend #6 Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC)
    • Acquisition Trend #7 Interoperability Solutions
    • Acquisition Trend #8 Embedded Technologies
    • Acquisition Trend #9 Other Capabilities
  • Evolutionary Antenna Technologies Enabling Satellite-IoT Device Communication

3. Patent Capabilities of the Target Companies

  • Methodology
  • The Acquired Technology Landscape
  • Breakdown of Key Technology Areas

4. Patent Coverage of Acquired Target Companies

  • Technology Distribution of Top 5 Assignees
  • Patent Coverage of Other Assignees
  • Patent Analysis: Concluding Remarks

5. Insights and Recommendations

  • Time to Market Strategies
  • ROI on the High Value Deals
  • Growing Interest in New Technology Areas
  • Support for Multi-cloud and Hybrid Architectures
  • Opportunities in Edge Computing
  • Integration of Blockchain Technologies with the Edge Computing Architecture
  • AI-based Solutions not on the Radar of Acquiring Companies
  • 5G

6. Appendix

  • Detailed Overview of Deals
  • References

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Onam Prasad

Onam holds a Master’s degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago with specialization in telecommunications. At the University of Illinois her course of study covered subjects including wireless communications, RF systems, semiconductors, networking, digital communication, etc. She was also a member of Society of Women Engineers and attended many conferences and sessions related to initiatives by women technologists and awareness of technology across diversity.

Onam has research expertise in topics related to IoT, 5G connectivity solutions, autonomous systems, RF devices, semiconductor fabrication, telecommunication equipment, ICs and Chipsets, etc. She works on custom research projects and provides technology consulting and advisory to clients on a range of aspects including creation of strategic partnerships, development and adoption of innovative or disruptive technologies, R&D and product roadmap creation, etc. by leveraging robust research approaches and methodologies that combine competitive intelligence, patent landscape, M&A, trend analysis and other important parameters. The combination of her education, expertise and professional experiences makes her one of Netscribes lead analysts in the electronics, telecom and semiconductors domains.

Faizal Shaikh

Faizal has been associated with Netscribes’ Innovation Research team since the last 3 years. He has worked on emerging technology domains including IoT connectivity solutions and management, sensing/antenna technologies for autonomous vehicles and connected cars, 5G technology trends, hardware security solutions, RF front-end for portable devices, advanced semiconductor chipsets, futuristic display technologies, etc.

His areas of interest include semiconductor fabrication and processing, networking and 5G related studies, telecommunications, display technologies, user interfaces, sensors and robotics among others. He has been actively involved in technology assessment/consulting, competitor analysis and benchmarking, and technology roadmap studies that require complete understanding of the ecosystem.

Faizal graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with specialization in Electronics and Telecommunications from Mumbai University.

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