Rapid advancements in IoT are creating new possibilities for a smarter world.
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The IoT market is set to explode, with nearly 80 billion connected devices expected to be installed by 2025 . Companies in the IoT ecosystem, especially device and semiconductor manufacturers, cloud services and networking companies, are working to capitalize on this growth.

But merely building novel solutions isn’t enough. Companies need to keep pace with emerging trends that affect product development and connect their innovation strategy with market needs.

Based on reliable data such as patents, VC funding and company news, Netscribes’ IoT insights series provide holistic research and analysis to guide your innovation strategy. Identify the opportunities and challenges in your path, and direct your investments toward a competitive advantage.

Key topics covered



System-on-Chip (SoC) is a pivotal silicon implementation driving the next evolution of interconnectedness. Find out all you need to know to implement complex SoC-IoT designs, and learn about the key players in this space.

IoT managed services

IoT managed services

The rise of digitization has blurred industry boundaries. How are managed service providers aligning their strategies to meet the IoT deployment and management needs of the resultant new business models?

Edge computing

Edge computing

With the number of edge devices expected to soar, innovation in the IoT ecosystem is accelerating in this segment. Find out the key challenges in deploying edge computing architecture and approaches to overcome these challenges.

iot 5g

The 5G impact

Understand how the high speed, low-latency and multi-connectivity capabilities offered by 5G will impact the future expansion of IoT networks.

human machine interface

Intelligent human-machine interfaces

Intelligent HMI solutions enabled by voice, gestures and immersive solutions are driving the future of seamless machine interactions. Learn about the newest trends and how they are shaping the business landscape.

iot wireless technology

New wireless networking technologies for IoT

Selecting the appropriate wireless connectivity technology plays a vital role for businesses looking to thrive in an IoT ecosystem. Learn about the latest connectivity trends and find out the best solutions for your business.

What you will learn

Disruptive trends in the IoT industry for the next 5 to 10 years

Technology developments that will drive evolution of the industry

Future technology applications based on patents, innovation and market needs

Growth strategies for entering new technology or application areas

R&D activities and roadmaps of leading companies in the IoT ecosystem

Lifecycle analysis of startups across different IoT segments

Lifecycle analysis of startups across different IoT segments

Deal characteristics and strategic motives of M&A contextualizing the best routes for commercialization

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