Blockchain in Healthcare:
Industry Adoption Analysis Report

May 2019 | 70 pages

Get a bird’s eye-view of the present and future state of blockchain healthcare applications, investment and innovations trends, and outlook for the future

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What’s included:

Blockchain impact on medical data management, clinical trials, drug development, data security, and supply chain management

Current and forecasted blockchain projects in the healthcare industry

Medical and health records: Key startups and how they operate (with case study)

Counterfeit drugs prevention: Key startups and how they operate (with case study)

Clinical trials: Key startups and how they operate (with case study)

Billing and claims management: Key startups and how they operate (with case study)

Alipay’s China success story and the template for global healthcare blockchain rollout

An overview of the Synaptic Health Alliance and what it means for payers, providers, patients and the industry as a whole

Company profiles of the top 8 blockchain healthcare startups

Company profiles of 9 key healthcare-specific blockchain innovators


In the face of rising medical costs, data breaches, claims-related frauds, and counterfeit drugs, a number of organizations are betting on blockchain to bring greater transparency and cost-effectiveness to the healthcare industry. Blockchain startups, technology leaders as well as healthcare solution providers have joined forces to address age-old challenges and are creating new business models in the process. While governmental stance on the use of blockchain-enabled healthcare solutions is largely unclear in most countries, policies on health insurance, medicaid expansion, health information exchange (HIE), among others, have been favorable in this direction.

At present, a majority of market players are focused on developing blockchain solutions in segments like medical and health records, supply chain management, clinical trials, and billing and claims management. As tech companies continue to innovate healthcare-specific blockchain solutions, the industry is expected to witness significant development of decentralized patient records as a platform (dApp), which will offer ease of access and universal identities to patients.

This report takes a closer look at the uses cases, startups, pilot projects, and innovation trends to understand where the industry lies in the blockchain adoption life cycle and what changes to expect by 2028-30.

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • Blockchain and how it works
  • Is the healthcare industry ready for blockchain and does it need it?
  • What blockchain could do for the healthcare ecosystem and how
  • What blockchain means for key healthcare industry application segments
  • How deep is the adoption of blockchain in the healthcare industry currently?

Chapter 2: Blockchain Impact

  • How will blockchain transform the healthcare industry?
  • Blockchain-based transformation of the healthcare industry

Chapter 3: Blockchain Healthcare: Key Enablers & Challenges

  • Major inhibitors to adopting blockchain in the healthcare industry
  • Key enablers for blockchain in the healthcare industry
      • Supplier side
      • Buyer side

Chapter 4: Adoption of Blockchain in Healthcare

  • How is blockchain accepted in the industry?
  • How blockchain is assimilating into the healthcare industry?
    • Patients & consumers – medical and health records
    • Supply chain management – counterfeit drugs
    • Channels – clinical adjudication
    • Channels – claims adjudication

Chapter 5: Healthcare Industry: Frontrunners’ Strategies

Chapter 6: Blockchain-Enabled Healthcare – Regional Adoption

Chapter 7: Blockchain Healthcare Startup Ecosystem

  • Overview
    • Medicalchain
    • Nebula Genomics
    • Chronicled
    • SimplyVital Health
    • CognitiveScale
    • Hashed Health
    • Factom

Chapter 8: Key Innovators

  • Change Healthcare
  • Guardtime
  • TraceLink
  • Accenture
  • Intel
  • SAP
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • IBM

Chapter 9: Future Roadmap

  • Cross-technology developments: IoT and AI
  • Cross-industry technology developments: Telecom, Fintech, IT providers,
    startups, healthcare service providers

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