Blockchain in Automotive:
Industry Adoption Analysis

September 2019 | 85 pages

This report talks about the adoption of blockchain in the automotive industry and takes a look at the major trends and opportunities in the industry

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What’s included:

A look at the impact of blockchain and a detailed analysis of the adoption trends

Critical details of the current industry structure and ecosystem

Applicable blockchain types and their uses and business cases

A detailed analysis of the impact of blockchain on the automotive industry

A detailed overview of automotive blockchain services

Lists and profiles of startups and technologies in the automotive space


Over the last few years, breakthroughs in the blockchain technology have infused some of the most revolutionary and exceptional upgrades to processes across various industries. This growing impact of blockchain on different industries has vitalized the confidence of stakeholders and, in turn, has encouraged them to focus on use cases that seemed complex before. Spotting the potential of blockchain and the opportunities it brings to the table, legacy automotive majors have started adopting this emerging tech to remain competitive as well as relevant in future market scenarios.

Current blockchain solutions for the automotive industry range from mobility services to data monetization. Blockchain also seeks to address challenges in the insurance space, in the marketplace economy, as well as the vehicle autonomy spaces to further bridge the ever-narrowing distance between producers and consumers.

This report does a comprehensive analysis of the adoption of blockchain in the automotive industry. It also highlights the major trends and opportunities across the ecosystem.

1. Executive Summary

2. Industry Overview

  • Global Automotive Industry
  • Key Trends – Shaping the Global Automotive Industry

3. Key Value Chain Stakeholders & Participant

  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Component Suppliers
  • Car Manufacturers/OEMs
  • Utility Providers/Energy Companies
  • Service Centers and Chains
  • Dealers and Distributors

4. Blockchain Technology Solutions

  • Mobility Services
  • Supply Chain Services
  • Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Vehicle Autonomy
  • Data Monetization and History Data
  • Insurance
  • Marketplace
  • Loyalty
  • Other Solutions

5. Blockchain Setup

  • Consortium-linked Approach
  • Startups
  • Automotive Companies
  • Others: Technology Player

6. State of Blockchain Adoption in the Automotive Industry

  • Immediate Opportunities
  • Long-Term Opportunities
  • Financial Backing

7. Conclusion

Onam Prasad

Onam holds a Master’s degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago with specialization in telecommunications. At the University of Illinois her course of study covered subjects including wireless communications, RF systems, semiconductors, networking, digital communication, etc. She was also a member of Society of Women Engineers and attended many conferences and sessions related to initiatives by women technologists and awareness of technology across diversity.

Onam has research expertise in topics related to IoT, 5G connectivity solutions, autonomous systems, RF devices, semiconductor fabrication, telecommunication equipment, ICs and Chipsets, etc. She works on custom research projects and provides technology consulting and advisory to clients on a range of aspects including creation of strategic partnerships, development and adoption of innovative or disruptive technologies, R&D and product roadmap creation, etc. by leveraging robust research approaches and methodologies that combine competitive intelligence, patent landscape, M&A, trend analysis and other important parameters. The combination of her education, expertise and professional experiences makes her one of Netscribes lead analysts in the electronics, telecom and semiconductors domains.

Faizal Shaikh:

Faizal has been associated with Netscribes’ Innovation Research team since the last 3 years. He has worked on emerging technology domains including IoT connectivity solutions and management, sensing/antenna technologies for autonomous vehicles and connected cars, 5G technology trends, hardware security solutions, RF front-end for portable devices, advanced semiconductor chipsets, futuristic display technologies, etc.

His areas of interest include semiconductor fabrication and processing, networking and 5G related studies, telecommunications, display technologies, user interfaces, sensors and robotics among others. He has been actively involved in technology assessment/consulting, competitor analysis and benchmarking, and technology roadmap studies that require complete understanding of the ecosystem.

Faizal graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering with specialization in Electronics and Telecommunications from Mumbai University.

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