Blockchain in Agri-Food:
Industry Adoption Analysis Report

June 2019 | 107 pages

Find out how blockchain adoption in the global agrifood industry is shaping up and our outlook for the future

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What’s included

An overview of the impact of blockchain on the agri-food industry

Challenges in implementing blockchain in agri-food and solutions to overcome them

Value-chain of companies providing blockchain- enabled solutions

Present state of blockchain adoption across agriculture, food processing, food transportation, distribution and retail

Blockchain solutions for organized and unorganized food trade

20+ real-world use cases of blockchain implementation in the food industry

Overview of pilot projects around the globe for animal farming, agriculture, fishery, manufacturing, trade, and disribution

Detailed profiles of 16 most disruptive startups

Detailed profiles of 7 innovation leaders with key patent insights

ICO and Non-ICO startup investment routes


With the ability to track every movement of food – from the farm to the customer’s basket – blockchain has the power to address numerous challenges plaguing the agri-food industry such as waste management, food fraud, and the lack of price transparency. So it stands to reason that tech firms, both startups and behemoths, are working towards transforming this age-old industry with innovative blockchain-enabled solutions and business models. With a steady stream of projects being undertaken across food farming, processing, transportation and distribution, this report looks under the hood to find answers to key questions, such as:

  • What does the value chain of blockchain enabled solutions supporting the agri-food industry consist?
  • How do major blockchain companies fit in the value chain and how they collaborate with each other to meet various blockchain-enabled solutions in agri-food?
  • What is the state of blockchain adoption across global regions and various sectors in the industry?
  • What has been the outcome of real-world blockchain implementations, including pilot projects?
  • How does the startup landscape look like?
  • What does the future of blockchain in the agri-food industry look like?

Chapter 1 Agri-Food Industry – An Overview

  • Food & Agriculture – Global Growth
  • Agri-Food Industry – Agri-Food Segment Analysis
  • Agri-Food Industry – Value Chain Analysis

Chapter 2 Introduction

  • Blockchain (BC) and how it works: Agri-Food Industry – Adoption
  • Blockchain (BC) and how it works: Agri-Food Industry – Impact

Chapter 3 Blockchain Impact

  • Stimulating the Agri-Food Industry – Building the ‘Blocks’ with BC
  • How BC will Transform the Agri-Food Industry?

Chapter 4 BC-Agri-Food Industry: Key enablers and challenges

  • Challenges: BC-enabled Agri-Food Industry
  • Enablers: BC-enabled Agri-Food Industry
  • Supply side (Government Traction and Regulatory Push for Food Safety and Transparency)
  • Supply side (Innovation and Differentiation – Track & Traceability)
  • Supply side (Rising Uncertainty)
  • Demand Side (Changing Consumer Preferences)
  • Demand Side (Digitization and IT Penetration)

Chapter 5 Adoption of BC in Agri-Food industry

  • BC-enabled Agri-Food: Value Chain Analysis
  • BC-enabled Agri-Food: Value Chain Key Stakeholders
  • BC Use Case: Use Case & Open Cloud Models, Global Use Cases
  • BC-enabled Agri-Food – Adoption across Value Chain
  • How is BC being Accepted in the Industry?
  • Overview of Business Models and Ecosystems that are Emerging
  • Agriculture/Primary Producer
  • Manufacturing/Processing
  • Traders/Distributor/Retailers
  • BC Impact: Agri-Food Industry Segment-wise (Technology Adoption Roadmap & Projections)

Chapter 6 Agri-Food industry – Front runners’ strategy

  • How the Industry Is Adopting BC through Front Runners?
  • Phase-wise BC Adoption in the Agri-Food Industry
  • Front Runner’s Success Story

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