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Organizations are growing increasingly data-driven in their decision making. This makes it imperative that their sources stay accurate, measurable, updated, and compliant at all times. However, there’s a constant challenge to allocate the requisite time, talent, and budget exclusively-committed to this effort. From creation, management to validation and more, building a robust database for your marketing and sales needs, demands expertise.

Netscribes helps you bridge these gaps with a holistic marketing data solution that leads to improved business performance and boosts returns on investment. Through enhanced, GDPR-compliant data collection techniques and end-to-end support, we empower our clients with customized data services that are systematically structured, relevant, insightful, and compliant, enabling them to laser-focus on the accounts that best fit their offerings.



Database Creation

We identify relevant accounts and create custom contact databases based on varied criteria such as industry, company size, job function, and seniority



Database Audit

We review databases to identify invalid or outdated records and ensure compliance



Database Appending

Using our proven research methodologies, we identify what is missing and fill in the gaps



Data Opt-In

Using a telephone campaign, we get opt-in permission for a prospect to receive future communication



Data Validation & Cleansing

We use web and/or telephone research to refresh and validate contacts and their associated data


other services

Other Services

Other services include company profile creation, data deduplication, data refresh, data structuring, data tagging, data transformation, executive profiling, org-chart creation, universe identification, and similar services


Why us?

With research, data collection and management being our foundation since the past 18+ years, leading industries across the world partner with us to outperform their competitors. Using advanced data gathering methods that are a blend of automation, primary and desk research, we gear B2B marketers with data that is information-rich, highly-analyzable and tailored to ensure resource optimization and overall profitability. We understand your marketing goals and have the ability to undertake sizable database management operations and conduct intensive research exercises to fulfill them. Our experience spans across a broad spectrum of industries and verticals, including:

Technology and IT Services

Automotive icon Automotive

Engineering Engineering & Hi-tech

Banking-and-Financial-services Banking and Financial Services

legal Legal

media and information Media and Information

retail Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods


Energy & Utilities



Drive enhanced marketing outcomes with comprehensive and accurate data

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